Monday, 19 December 2016

H is Two Months Old

Newborn Baby Two Month Update
I cannot believe it's already been two months with Harrison: it's completely flew in, but at the same time, I can't remember a time before he was born. I can't remember a full nights sleep, or what it feels like to have clean jeans on, or what a hot meal tastes like, and to be honest, I don't mind at all. I'll apologise in advance for the length of this post - in the month since the last update, my little newborn is no longer newborn, he's changed entirely and he's already becoming a little character. I hate to say he's growing up too quickly, as anyone who's read my last updates will know that it's all I seem to say in them, but it really is true. I look at the pictures I took in the first few days, and he looks nothing like that anymore, he truly has changed completely and I can't even fathom the changes he'll make in the next few months.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The 12 Days Of Christmas | #3 The Perks Of Having A Newborn At Christmas

Newborn Christmas Outfits Next First ChristmasNewborn Christmas Outfits Next First Christmas
Christmas is such a family oriented time, you'd think having a newborn would make it all that much better, but in reality, there's not a lot you can do with a little one when they are that tiny. We are now family, and that will make it the most memorable year regardless of what we do, but that doesn't mean I've not said numerous times how excited I am for Christmas next year. I can't wait for Harrison to be a year old and able to do so much more. In saying that though, I'm extremely guilty of wishing away the moment we're in right now: just because Harrison doesn't really know what is going on doesn't mean Christmas this year doesn't have it's own little perks.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The 12 Days of Christmas | #2 Santa Spends Too Much

Babies First Christmas Santa Clause Leggings and Slippers
Am I wrong for not spoiling my child on his first Christmas? Don't get me wrong now - I'm no scrooge. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year: my Yankee candles are burning from Halloween onwards, I'll take any opportunity to watch Elf in October, and decorations are up the minute I can convince everyone else it's no longer crazy. Christmas is just such a family oriented time - everything about it screams family, and I know Harrison will be brought up loving Christmas just as much as I do.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The 12 Days of Christmas | #1 Making Memories With Little Chickie

Little Chickie Newborn Christmas Clothes First Xmas Festive Leggings
Harrison is only 7 weeks old - his first Christmas was always going to be a quieter one. He's giggling and laughing now, which is amazing, but he's not exactly at the stage where I am happy to be handing him off to every Tom, Dick and Harry dressed in a Santa suit for a picture. I wanted to be able to do things this Christmas that would make it memorable, he's growing so quickly and he won't be this little for long, so what better time to make memories than at Christmas. Little chunk is already pretty big, so it was about time we finally took his hand and foot prints before a little frame is too small for his not so newborn hands and feet...

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Entertainer: Glasgow's Newest Toy Shop

Earlier today, myself and Harrison had the pleasure of a quick whistle stop tour of the new Entertainer Toy Shop in Silverburn Shopping Centre, ahead of the grand opening tomorrow. Founded by husband and wife team Gary and Catherine Grant in 1981, it is very much a family business, and the family values translate to the store. Never has an Entertainer store opened on a Sunday,  and gives 10% of all annual profits to childrens charities. The shop is located directly across from New Look and the United Colours of Benetton, and given that there is no longer any specific toy shops in Silverburn, it's a welcome addition.

The grand opening is tomorrow - Saturday 3rd December, just in time for the festive period. You can expect demos, balloons, competitions and various characters to take pictures with - there's also a free Lego gift with every Lego purchase, and many chances to win other bits and bobs! More than that, you'll have the chance to experience everything The Entertainer has to offer.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Newborn Hacks: The Lilypod Baby Bean Bag

Lilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and Pips
Lilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and PipsIf you had told me last year that baby bean bags were a thing, never mind a very useful thing, I'd have thought you were crazy. I'll be the first to say the baby market is oversaturated: you name it, it's stocked in Babies R Us, never mind the stuff you can find on the internet. When I was in my final trimester, I came across Apples and Pips during their Twitter launch party, and managed to win myself a Lilypod Baby Beanbag. Free is free, and I was happy as larry with my pastel blue elephant bean bag. Needless to say, it arrived, and I won't lie, I thought it would be added to the evergrowing pile of hyped up baby products that I'd never use. In my head, I couldn't find a time I'd use it - surely during the day he would be in his moses, at night in his crib, when would we ever use a bean bag?...

Roll on Harrison's birth, and pretty soon it became apparent that he would not be going anywhere near a moses basket during the day, in fact, he wouldn't settle anywhere flat at all. Although  not affected by colic, he was windy and uncomfortable when lying flat on his back, so finding a way to make him comfortable that wasn't lying on my chest when he wasn't asleep was difficult. Cue the baby bean bag.
Lilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and PipsLilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and PipsLilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and Pips
The Lilypod Baby Bean Bag allows Harrison to sit at an angle - which we can alter by moulding the polystyrene balls inside - unaided but supported, letting him look around and interact when awake, or sleep if needed. It comes with a replaceable cover that zips on and off, and a base that is wipeable, so it's easy to clean and maintain. Although right now he pretty much sinks right in and isn't moving anywhere, it has a harness in the middle which will keep him in place when he gets a bit older and starts to roll over.

It's an ingenious idea really, there is nothing complicated about it, it's a bean bag with a strap. No big revelation, but it really does work wonders for him. You can pick it up from Apples and Pips here for £39.99, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Lilypod Baby Bean Bag Colic Babies Relief Apples and Pips

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