Thursday, 7 July 2016

26 Week Update

Little disclaimer here: at this point, this could technically be the end of week 26 OR week 27, dependant on what scan we go by. I’m yet to have one on the NHS, I’m still waiting on my appointment coming through, and two separate private scans put me a different points. For my own sanity I’m saying Week 26….

It’s crazy doing my first update this close to the end of my Second Trimester, but then again, I’m not complaining, I’ve had the easiest 6 months of pregnancy, ignorance truly is bliss. This week alone has been completely different to the other 25… I am now well and truly pregnant. My belly has ballooned! Or at least, for me, it has ballooned. Up until the start of last week, I had no bump, nothing whatsoever, and now, I feel like it look’s like I’ve stuck a ball under my tshirt! It’s amazing what knowledge can do to the human body; the ultrasound technician at the clinic said it was extremely common between women who were completely unaware of the pregnancy not to show until Week 24, which is about right for me. 

As for weight gain, I am 11lbs up from the start of my pregnancy, and 5lbs up from 2 weeks ago, so I’d imagine from now it’s just going to spiral. Honestly though, I think a lot of this increase has came from knowledge about the pregnancy. It’s so easy to fall into the ‘eating for two’ mindset, and I’ve definitely let myself go the past week or two. Where I followed a relatively strict macronutrient based approach to eating before, and trained daily, my weight was maintained, and after finding out, at least for all of last week, I essentially dropped all of that. In my head, I was going to get fat anyway, what did healthy eating matter? It took a few days of feeling under the weather for me to realise that that mentality was the opposite of what I need right now - I am now providing for another little person, I am solely responsible for the nutrients he receives, and filling myself with chocolate buttons and chinese takeaways because I’m in a bit of a mood at my chubbier legs is not OK anymore. The aim for week 27 is to get back on my healthy lifestyle, I’ve been back at the gym the past few days, and there’s honestly no reason I cannot be. I’ve dropped to little to no weights in most of my lifts, my cardio is extremely light now and I don’t do anything that puts pressure or strain on my abdomen, and I can honestly say I feel better for it. Pregnancy is not an illness, and it is sometimes hard to remember that.

As for symptoms, I’ve not really had any. I get full extremely quickly, which means I’ve been reluctant to eat proper meals and instead reaching for sugar filled quick fixes, but that can be fixed by simply eating smarter. By the same stretch, I’ve not been drinking nearly as much water as I normally would, purely down to the fullness again, it’s uncomfortable, and at this rate, I’ll avoid that feeling at all cost, which I will have to get over. Baby J needs to stay hydrated! My sleeping pattern is fairly consistent at the moment, I wake at 4am every day, wether that’s just to go to the toilet, or just to lay awake and stare at the ceiling for 20 minutes or so, but I always get back to sleep and I feel relatively rested when I eventually wake up. I am ALWAYS tired during the day! The exhaustion is something else, and I am trying so hard not to let myself nap, because it does no good whatsoever, I wake up still tired, but it is extremely testing sometimes, I may as well take advantage though, come October 11th I don’t imagine I’ll be getting all that much sleep! Other than that though, I feel completely fine! Fingers crossed I stay this way..

Baby J is moving a healthy amount according to the midwife, although there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to his movement, or at least not one that I’ve noticed yet. I definitely have been a bit worried as I don’t feel like he’s moving enough, watching other blogs and reading blogs about specific movement patterns and visible kicks left me a bit antsy, but I’ve been reassured everything is as it should be for now, so I’ll accept it and hope he gets a bit more regular next week.

I’ve yet to purchase anything this week, I’m trying to get myself through the first two of knowing, and then allow myself to go a bit crazy, Zara Baby is calling my name! I do have to get the nursery sorted, and we will have to pull our finger out with that, but right now I feel like I need the week or two to get my head around the prospect of our baby, before we start on his room.

Obviously it goes without saying I am definitely new to this mummy-blogging, and any tips anyone can offer on ways to make pregnancy easier, or recommendations for when Baby J arrives are welcomed with open arms. Until next time,



Wednesday, 6 July 2016

justGENDER Scan Experience

justGENDER baby bond scan picture 26 weeks pregnant

Everyone told me before I went a scan would change everything, but nothing could prepare me for how surreal seeing that real-living little person moving around inside me would be. I am 26 weeks pregnant (or there-about), yet I still haven't had a scan. I only discovered my pregnancy two weeks ago, and on the NHS everything seem's to be lagging. I was scanned at a clinic, but wasn't allowed to see the screen, and this was simply to get a measure of the baby. Through frustration, impatience finally got to myself and Jordan, and we looked into a private Gender Scan. A quick google search led us to Baby Bond Scans, which on first appearance was a comprehensive and professional service, offering every type of scan you could possibly want. A justGENDER scan was discounted at the time to £39, and with that, we were pretty much sold.

The booking system was simple enough, a form online, tick a few boxes, hey-ho, sorted. We booked around 9pm on Monday for the following afternoon, and everything went without a hitch. There are scanning clinics across the UK, and this made it very convenient for us. On arrival at Park Circus Scanning Clinic in the West End of Glasgow, I signed a declaration, and that was the extent of the paperwork. The clinic was situated in an old grand building, and everything felt clean yet warm and inviting. Our ultrasound technician spent 20 minutes showing us as much as she could of our baby, describing each and every thing of note, and she made the experience one to remember. I could not recommend a Baby Bond scan enough - for the money paid and the experience we received, overall it was perfect. 

We were given a pack of ultrasound pictures to take away, along with a complementary 4D scan image, and this alone made the experience worth it. Not to mention the ever anticipated gender reveal...

We're having a Boy! 

Looks like Jordan will get his footballer after all! 

Till next time,Kirsty


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Life Changes

Positive pregnancy test clear blue at 27 weeks

It's funny how quickly your life can completely 180: 2 weeks ago, I was 7 days away from finishing up my 3 months initial training with the Police Force, my finances were in check, the ball was rolling for my own flat, I had an amazing boyfriend with future career plans of his own and a group of friends that I loved, fast forward 14 days and although all of those things still apply, there's been one very big change.

I'm pregnant.

27 weeks pregnant, give or take.

Whilst initially my world seemed to crash around me, it's taken a week or so to settle, and a week for both me and Jordan to come to terms and to get excited about the prospect of what's to come. It'll be a terrifying journey but one that I now look forward to being on, and one that I'd like to try and document on here as much as I can. This post won't contain much more than that, the story of how I came to realise I was pregnant is one that merits it's own post, I simply wanted to make the announcement before I barter into Week 27 updates and anyone who followed this blog as a fitness only blog was left in the dust.

Has anyone else discovered pregnancy late on, and if so, how did you's cope with the initial shock?
Until next time,
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