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Life With Boys is a blog documenting our family life in all it’s glory, the high’s, the low’s and the many in betweens. I wish I could say the story behind Life With Boys was an interesting one; unfortunately, it was not. It started with an unexpected pregnancy, a laptop, and time to kill. I created an online space to share my experiences, my stories and my life with the two boys in it – my partner Jordan and our soon to be son, Harrison.
What started as my own little corner of the internet has quickly turned into a community I love, and I’m so glad so many have stumbled across it in the last few years. We are a young family, muddling our way through and learning more about life every day and sharing those lessons online. We are no Pinterest family and much of what you see will not be inspiring. What it will be is real life, as first time parents.

Life is messy, Life With Boys is even moreso.

the family

My name is Kirsty, I am 23, partner to Jordan, mummy to Harrison. Myself and Jordan met while both working in McDonalds (who says romance is dead) and spent years messing each other around and wasting time. The foundations of our relationship were built on drunk nights out and hangover Chinese’ – not exactly the fairytale story predicted. I fell pregnant and alas we had to become grown ups. My pregnancy was a surprise one, but the best I could have asked for. Harrison arrived in October 2016, and has turned our life on its head ever since. 

Harrison’ likes the seaside, television remotes and mummies phone. His arrival may have been unexpected, but it has given us an amazing new life and another reason to wake up smiling in the morning (well, dependent on our little sleep thief). With every week I learn something new about motherhood and what it takes to raise a child, and I like to think that I’ve shared a lot of that here. The good, the bad, and the very very ugly.</p>

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