Baby Shower Haul

DISCLAIMER: I’d originally decided against this post, just on the off chance some people would take it as bragging, or something like that. But after talking to others about it, I realised that folks like hauls, and I like talking about the bits and bobs that I got, so it would be silly not to share. Disclaimer – I’m not bragging, I have amazing friends and family and I’m very grateful to have received these things! Also, this is a very picture heavy post! Apologies…

I received a ridiculous amount on the day of my baby shower – everyone was overly generous, and I was beyond taken aback! I’ve chosen just *some* of my favourites to share below, for fear that this post would be pages and pages long had I decided to share everything.

This bag was the first thing I got on the day, and I honestly fell in love with this straight away. It’s huge, so will be perfect for going out and about, and the personalisation on the side was just adorable. Little Baby Brown was spoiled from the get go! I received 9 blankets!! 9!! To be fair though, can you ever have too many blankets? Those pictured were some of my favourites – a crocheted blue and white one, a hand-knitted speckled one, and a lovely cotton blanket that I’m sure we’ll get loads of use out of! Blankets are just such a lovely item to receive, I know my brother still has his ‘blanky’ now, at 11 years old, and shows no sign of letting up now. Any one of these could end up little Baby J’s go to blanket!

This was some of the more random favourites I was given – Calpol, because who doesn’t love Calpol?? PROPLUS, which came in a care pack with 4 cans of red bull and some under-eye concealer from my cousin who just had a baby 6 months ago, in case that wasn’t obvious. Also, a portable dummy steriliser, which just seemed very convenient and handy, although I’m not decided on wether or not Baby J will be using a dummy, the option is there and this will be a great accessory! A rubber duckie with a thermometer in the bottom, and a Sophie the Giraffe, which has great reviews for when bubba is teething! My final favourite random bit was the Johnsons Newborn Starter Pack, this just seemed really convenient, and the wash bag will be perfect for the hospital! In saying that though, I doubt I’ll need any of the stuff within it. Not only did I receive 6 talcum powders, 8 baby oils, 12 baby shampoos and 3 tubs of cotton buds, I got a fair haul when it came to nappies and wipes….

Somehow I think I’m sorted for wipes for the first few months…..
This was my favourites of the more technical/necessity bits and pieces we received, and it’s brilliant because it’s ticked a fair few off of our still to buy list! The Tommee Tippee Express Machine has brilliant reviews, and has been absolutely ranted about by most who try it, so it’s been on our list from the get-go. My friends obviously picked up on this and gifted us one for our shower, definitely one of the best things to open! We also got a Motorola Baby Monitor – I’m not that big on the monitor hype, I’d been all for getting just your average run of the mill walkie talkie style monitor, but my friends had other ideas and I now have one with a little camera in it, big brother bubba style! Finally was just the AVENT starter kit, which is a good start on the bottle front!

And here’s my final lot of favourite clothing pieces we received on the day – everyone well and truly out done themselves. I obviously can’t thank everyone enough, even the presence of everyone on the day was enough, these were an added bonus. Our little baby is truly one spoilt little boy, with so much love for him already. If your interested in how my baby shower went on the day, feel free to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my Baby Shower post! Thank-you for reading…

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  • I think it's wonderful to have people that be generous and shower you with gifts! The clothes are adorable. You will love having zip up pajamas. If you get a chance check out my site I have a few different posts you may find helpful.

  • Neely says:

    Those little outfits are so cute!

  • Looks like you got some great things ! Love the cute little outfits !

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