More Than Just Socks | Going The Extra Mile For Fathers Day

When I was young, my go-to Fathers Day gift for my dad was a pair of questionable looking socks, a bad aftershave and a tin of tomato soup. What started as a last-minute scramble at the local Tesco then became a tradition, and it kind of just stuck. My poor dad has ended up with more socks over the years than he has days of the week for, and as much as I am sure he appreciates a good tin of Heinz as much as the next guy, when Harrison’ was born, I made a vow to up the Fathers Day game and show his dad how much we love him, with more than just socks.


To Harrison, Jordan is not just daddy. He’s his partner in crime, the pram pusher, his teeth brusher, a walking talking pillow for when the day just gets too much. He’s the person that can light up Harrisons’ face by just walking into the room, so getting a pair of socks to say all was never going to happen. I used Snapfish – an online photo printing service that also allows you to create custom gifts – and settled on a custom photobook and a mug.


The Sentimental Gift I did have a grand plan for a photobook, but like all of my grand plans, it didn’t quite work out how I planned. It’s no secret that Harrison is a daddy’s boy, so I wanted to go down the route of ‘like father, like son’ and have the two of them in matching clothes on every page. Of course, doing this without Jordan noticing was easier said than done, and by day two and the second set of matching striped t-shirts, he caught on. With that being said, I still love how the book worked out, and I tried to make sure the photos I included captured the everyday rather than the special occasions. We have plenty of photos to remember holidays’ or birthdays, but how many pictures of them just enjoying a cuddle on the couch or straightening their ties together? Those are the memories that are easily forgotten, so it will be nice to have a book that he can look back on.

I was slightly apprehensive at first at designing an entire book, but the process was made super easy by the Snapfish layouts. There is loads of options for embellishments and backgrounds, and it quite literally took minutes, even with an over eager 18 month old sitting on my lap.


The Practical Gift While the photobook is a wonderful keepsake, I know it doesn’t have the same practicality that the good old pair of socks does. I loved the idea of being able to go back to the book year after year, but I also wanted Harrison to be able to give a gift that could be used daily, so we also drummed up a personalized mug. I say we, but Harrisons’ contribution fell short of battering the space bar and being banned from the laptop in minutes. I took it upon myself to choose the smiliest picture I have of Harrison, in the hope that if work is dragging on a Friday afternoon or daddy’s Monday morning isn’t feeling too happy, a warm cuppa out of that mug may just make it a little bit better.


The Card It didn’t feel right to give personalized gifts and top it off with a bog standard Hallmark card, so I also picked up a Fathers Day card with one of my favorite pictures on it. Again, it was super simple to create with the pre-made layouts, the quality is amazing, and delivery was really speedy. What more could you want?


The good thing about Snapfish is that although the products are custom made and great quality, they won’t break the bank. I always assume that unique and personalized mean a high price tag, but I was pleasantly surprised. The prices are really affordable, but Snapfish tend to also have hefty discount codes floating around – when I was shopping, photobooks were on offer, so it’s well worth keeping an eye out. In the run up to Fathers Day you can also get 40% off your order using the code GIFT4DAD (not valid after the 30th June, so don’t leave it too late!).


I’ll probably still pick up some socks, don’t get me wrong – but I think I’ve found our tradition in creating custom gifts. Nothing says ‘I love you daddy’ like a mug with your face on it. If that’s not enough, in years to come, they will be able to pull out the photobook from 2018′ together and see snippets of their relationship, of the ordinary moments that were otherwise forgotten. If your looking for a gift for Fathers Day that is more than just socks, I’d definitely give Snapfish a go.


Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Snapfish. As always, all opinions are entirely my own – the products are fantastic quality, and I’m almost certain I’ll be going back again and again for years to come. My dad had twenty years worth of socks, Harrisons’ dad gets twenty years worth of Snapfish mugs!


  • Emma says:

    I really love personalised gifts and there’s something so special about receiving a photo book that somebody has taken the time and thought to create for you. I love photos in general and think I’ll be getting Ed a photo book for father’s day now! X

  • Jenny says:

    Some lovely ideas here. Nothing better than a personalised gift! Think I might do a card like that for my dad this year.

  • What a lovely idea for Father’s Day – much better than socks and soup (where did that come from?!). I love the idea that in twenty years time, there’ll be a whole series of ‘mug shots’ charting Harrison’s changing face as he grows up. Beautiful!

  • A photobook is such a great idea for a gift. I haven’t even thought about fathers day yet so I think I might steal your idea and use your discount code. After all they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

  • Laura Dove says:

    Oh I love this! What a gorgeous personal gift for fathers day! I love photo books, we always buy them for my dad each year!

  • Jenni says:

    I love personalised gifts! We started making photo books at the end of each year when our eldest was born.

  • It is my partners birthday on Fathers Day this year so I need to get him something extra special, love the idea of something like this x

  • Stephanie says:

    Beautiful photos, it’s so nice to be able to capture these images in a book and keep the memories

  • Personalised gifts are so much nicer. I love your idea of having the matching outfits, even if it didn’t quite come off. I love making photo books as you can pick them up anytime and have a flick through 🙂

  • Aww, I love your photos! I love personalised gifts and when I’ve had time to sit down and create photobooks and cards, they always go down so well. I usually do calendars for Christmas. I’m pretty sure I haven’t used Snapfish before, so I ‘ll give them a go! x

  • Kerry Norris says:

    Lovely ideas. I always use snapfish as the quality is so good. The mug has come out really well.

  • Your photos are always so lovely and you’ve really helped me get some ideas for Brad’s presents!

  • Jenni says:

    Ah what great gift ideas, I really love the idea of a photobook!

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