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Nuby Bottles Newborn Baby

It’s taken us a month, but we’ve finally settled on Nuby bottles. Harrison is a Nuby brand rep’, but that didn’t stop us testing a few other brands until we found what worked for him.  I’ll be honest, I’m completely clueless as to what brands are good for a baby. Whilst pregnant, I decided I’d use Avent bottles, Pampers nappies, Johnsons Skincare, SMA milk… The list goes on. Harrison is now one month old, and with the exception of the Johnsons’ skincare stuff, we’ve changed them all. With Harrison’s dry skin I’m ready to fling Johnsons’ out the window also. Everyone told me to wait and see what suited my baby when he arrived, and I now understand why.

Coming home from the hospital, we started on Avent bottles. They were in proportion to my new tiny baby, and that is the only reason I have for using them. That, and it’s a huge brand. It’s what my mum used with me, with my brother, and was all I had to reference in terms of bottle feeding a baby. But they didn’t work. Everytime Harrison fed from one he would be sick. We then tried out Tommee Tippee, again, sole reason for trying them was the size. Can I be forgiven for thinking that small baby meant I needed to use small bottles? Either way, they were no better and I found myself ready to drag myself to Mothercare to pick up Dr Browns or something similar. I’d completely ruled out Nuby.

Nuby sent our first package before Harrison was born – in it, the Natural Touch Bottle Starter Pack, Milk Feeding Bibs, Soothers (dummies to me, I’ve never called it a soother once…), a Pram Toy and Teethers.

Nuby Bottles Newborn Baby
Nuby Bottles Newborn Baby

As I’d said before, we were hesitant to try the Nuby bottles. I’d compare them to the size of Harrison and couldn’t help but think I’d been sent items for a much older baby, although they said 0+ months on the box. A bit desperate, we tried them anyway, and I’m so thankful now that we did. I can’t compare them to the likes of Dr Browns or slow flow teats that are supposed to reduce wind or help ‘colicy’ babies – I can only compare them to the ones we’ve tried, and so far, these are the clear winner. Harrison was throwing up every second feed or so before, now, he’s still windy, but he’s not in as much discomfort and he’s keeping his milk down, the only thing we’ve changed is the bottles, so I’m putting it down to that.

So far, he’s not managed to take to the dummies, he can’t get the sucking motion to keep it in his mouth without someone holding it, and because the teet on them is quite big, it literally pings out of his mouth in seconds. As he gets bigger this probably won’t be an issue, but for now, the dummies are a no-go for his tiny mouth. Like the bottles, it’s about finding what works for him, we’ve tried a few brands, and we’ll definitely try a few more over the next few months. He’s changing every day and so are his needs, so we’ve just got to help him find the best fit.

As for the other items in our package from Nuby, it’s been amazing to see the difference in the way Harrison responds to the pram toy from when we popped it on the handle until now. He’s not seeing completely yet, but he’s definitely becoming a lot more aware of what’s in front of him. Before the bright colours and noises didn’t even register – whereas now, four weeks later, somethings happening behind those eyes. Moving the parts of the toy definitely gages a reaction now – a little flicker, and I’m so excited to see him react even more in the next month.

Nuby Bottles Newborn Baby

Disclaimer: These products mentioned here were sent to us as part of our role as Brand Ambassadors for Nuby UK, however all opinions are my own and I’ve been completely honest in respect to the items gifted.

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