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OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery Set


Over the last month or so, we had really found our feet when it came to toddler meal time. Tried and tested, we had found our rhythm and gotten slightly smug at just how easy it had become. Of course, no sooner had we gotten comfortable, did Harrison do a 180′. My sweet, compliant toddler who would allow me to feed him anything was suddenly under the impression that
he was self sufficient. My 16 month old will no longer let me feed him, and dinner time has become a mess of tears, tantrums and beans on the floor if he doesn’t get to hold the spoon. OXO Tot recently offered to send us a few products from their feeding range to see how they would fare against little Mr Independent and so we took the opportunity to test them out for the first time over Sunday brunch.

OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery SetOXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery Set

 Fork And Spoon Set

God forbid I try to help Harrison with mealtime.

Should I so much as hover a spoon in my sixteen month olds’ direction and I can guarantee I’ll be wearing the contents of his dinner plate. If he had the ability to talk, I’d imagine he’d be saying something along the lines of ‘Muuuum, I’m not a baby anymore – I can do it myself!’ but alas, he is a baby, he can’t talk and he certainly can’t feed himself. We’ve tried every variation of plastic baby cutlery set going to no avail, so I can’t say I was feeling all that confident with when I took the OXO Tot Fork and Spoon set out of the packaging. Straight away though, it was a winner for Harrison because it was silver. It sounds redundant, but let me tell you, it made a big difference to the toddler who now felt like he was being given adult cutlery. This ‘adult cutlery’ was pretty robust, with chunky rubber grips and shaped perfectly for non-adult hands. The curve in the fork and spoon means the food-to-mouth ratio is maximized and also stops them from sliding into bowls, which is great, because who really wants to spend their Sunday morning picking forks out of beans…

OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery Set
OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery SetSmall And Large Bowl Set

At the moment, I am a suction bowl loyalist as we have a bowl thrower (Harrison Brown, I’m looking at you). Initially I was a little apprehensive as the OXO Tot Bowl Set is not, but they are perfect for snacks on the go. The bowls come with snap on lids which is always a winner, and they fit inside each other which is convenient for storage. Surprisingly enough, the bowls did not end up on the floor despite not being suction(able), but I do think that the distraction of the shiny silver cutlery had a part to play there.

One thing I will say about all of the OXO Tot products that we have tried is that they feel really durable, products for little ones’ can tend to feel quite cheap, but these do feel like they will last for a while. They are slightly more expensive than the products we’ve bought before, but it does feel completely worth it.

OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery Set

Roll Up Bib

The OXO Tot Roll Up Bib is about as practical as they come for toddlers. I feel like finding a good bib is a journey with a baby. You start with the material bibs, the lovely patterned ones that can withstand a spit up or two and that count as an outfit accessory rather than an outfit protector. At some point, that spit up may well turn into real sick, and the tiny triangle bibs are quickly abandoned in favor of ones’ with cushioned necks and waterproof undersides. Then come the weaning bibs. Bibs that are bigger than the babies, plastic bibs, all-in-one overall bibs for when it’s tomato soup time. I’d like to think we’ve almost come full circle. I can trust my toddler (on most occasions) to not need to wear a full body bib and so they are starting to get more compact again, but with his newfound need to feed himself, there is one important element our bibs are missing.

The food pocket.

The best part of the OXO Tot Feeding Bib is the wide food pocket that catches everything Harrison inevitably drops. It’s also silicone, which is very very easy to clean hallelujah. They seem to have thought of everything, as the neck is adjustable which means it will grow with them – it also conveniently rolls up into the silicone pocket and buttons closed which is something I’ve never seen before. It’s so handy though, especially if you are out and about as you can pop the cutlery in to the pocket before you roll it up, and it keeps it from floating around the changing bag.

OXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery SetOXO Tot Review Baby Feeding First Cutlery Set

Final Verdict

Harrisons’ only just learning how to feed himself, so I was never expecting a fork and spoon to work miracles. I was expecting it to be like all other baby cutlery sets we have tried, and it was much better than those – so much so that I’ve ordered a good few more sets just to stock up the drawer. My only problem really was the fact that the bowls didn’t suction, but then again, if my child stops trying to cover me in his dinner, then that won’t be a problem. All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with the OXO Tot products – it’s a brand I’ve never tried but I’ve heard raved about again and again, and I can now understand why. Harrison is absolutely over the moon with his adult fork, and I’m over the moon at the fact I’ve not had to spend my morning on my hands and knees picking up egg. It’s a win for everyone.


Disclaimer: We were sent the OXO Tot products in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are entirely my own and I’ll be raving about the ‘adult cutlery’ to anyone that asks.


  • Weaning was not my favourite thing!!! I look the look of that roll up bib, that would’ve been fab x

  • Laura Dove says:

    Oh wow these sound amazing and they look great too. It’s funny how getting the right fork and spoon set can really make a difference, we really struggled until we found something that worked for us!

  • Jenni says:

    We are big fans of OXO Tot I just loved their stuff. I really love the look of the cutlery!

  • Michelle says:

    Ahhhh the little boy is so cute! I think the rolled up bibs are great – they catch so much!

  • This cutlery set looks amazing. I was only thinking this morning that Oscar might like some ‘grown up’ cutlery. He too is Mr Independent and meal times have been a bit of a nightmare just recently!

  • Probably not designed to, but this made me really hungry! He looks adorable in his dressing gown. Getting a cutlery set they’re interested in is definitely a huge step into helping them be more independent, the oxo tot stuff looks great I’ll be having a good nosy online now.

  • Ahh it won’t be long before Harrison doesn’t need a suction plate anyway I bet you! One day Dex just stopped chucking his bowl on the floor and actually ate out of it like a normal human! The OXO Tot range looks great. I didn’t use any of their stuff while weaning Dex but will definitely think of it for next baby!

  • I love OXO products when the boys were young, they are really good quality and really practical X #triedtested

  • We have the fork and spoon as well as a plate which has a great removable rim so they don’t scoop the food right off it. We also have the bib, but prefer to use some other ones which are totally wipe clean if the food is wet. #triedtested

  • Kate Fever says:

    Ha, he sounds very much like my very independent little girl! We always loved Oxo Tot products when we were weaning. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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