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March 21, 2017
Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies

Disclaimer; this post was produced in collaboration with Neutral and the products were sent to me in return for a review, however as always all opinions are entirely my own.

At 5 months old, Harrison has been relatively unaffected when it comes to sensitive skin. We’ve had the full choice of baby skincare: we’ve been able to take advantage of the sweet smell of the Johnsons’ products, save some money on the Aldi baby-wipes and we’ve never really had to look at labels, I liked to think we were in the clear.  Little did I know that one in all three children are at risk of developing skin allergies. Just because we’ve been lucky until now, doesn’t mean we will continue to be. Although we have a child who at the moment appears to be allergy free, that doesn’t mean we are not conscious of trying to minimize the risk. We’ve recently started weaning Harrison, and what should be in theory a nice calm meal time can often turn into what can only be described an explosion of prunes and avocado, so bath time is now more crucial than ever. That tiny little human can get his food everywhere right now, so on a particularly messy day, at times it makes more sense to dunk him in the sink than it ever would to exhaust a packet of baby wipes. This does mean that at times he can be in and out twice a day, and I’m very conscious of making sure I am as kind to his skin as possible with this additional exposure to products.

Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For BabiesNeutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies

Bath-time had always been my favorite time with Harrison – and still is – but as of late, my little cheeky monkey has made it far less than stress free. Until now, we’d used a bath support and this has worked well for us, but having discovered his ability to roll on command lately, the bath support simply acts as a diving board for him, therefore the sink is now the go-to for during the day baths, when we’re looking for a quick fix. It turns out an enclosed space is not any less difficult for us though, as it simply gives him four closer edges to try and climb out over. At what point did my newborn turn into a climber? As I’ve said previously, as he grows, I’m becoming increasingly conscious of the possibility of sensitive skin – he does suffer from mild baby acne which flares up every so often, nothing too serious, but we’ve made the switch lately over to products that will not agitate this further, and that can hopefully give me a bit more peace of mind in the long run. We’ve recently been trying out the Neutral products. Neutral is a Scandinavian brand with a strong focus on products that are kind to skin.

Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies
Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies
Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies

Every Neutral product is created with a ‘0% formulation’: this means that there is nothing unnecessary within them; no chemicals, no fragrance, no colourants, zilch. Each product (and there are a fair few) are dermatologically tested, so you can be confident in knowing there is nothing nasty going onto your little ones skin. We’ve tried the Baby Wash (i.e. bubblebath in our household), Baby Shampoo and the Baby Wipes, and I’ll be going back to order the washing powder very soon. In terms of the bubble test, we had no qualms – both the sink and the bath filled with bubbles quickly, and there were no tears when Harrison decided to inevitably pour his jug of water over himself, despite his eyes being covered in the Neutral products. The shampoo is mild and specifically formulated for everyday use, so it is perfect for my messy little man. There was no particular smell to any of the three products – something I will always miss from Johnsons products, I will not lie – they smelled ‘clean’, but that is as far as I can go when it comes to describing the fragrance. Put simply, there is none. Giving up the good old Johnson’s’ smell though is a small price to pay for ensuring my baby skin is healthy and he is happy – it just means more baby oil and talcum for myself…
Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For Babies

Neutral Skin Sensitive Babies Is Johnsons Bad For BabiesWith the Neutral products, I can only describe them as extremely functional. There is no luxury here; but they provide what they say they will, a kinder approach with sensitive skin in mind. There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer with something that cannot be helped: even if we’ve not experienced allergies with a child, we’ve all been there with nappy rash, or dribble chin, and watching your child in pain with little to do to alleviate it is harrowing. If I could take one step to prevent the onset of this, then I’ll gladly take it. If you’ve not yet tried the Neutral products, I’d thoroughly recommend them. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

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