32 Week Update

32 weeks, done and dusted. 

How crazy to think I only have 8 and a half weeks left.. give or take. As far as updates go, I'm not really sure what else I have to update on, as far as pregnancy symptoms go, i'm still relatively unaffected (I do say this with a pinch of salt, I've no doubt jinxed myself and will end up with nausea up to my ears, swollen feet and cravings like no one's business). 

In the 6 weeks since my last update, I started light duties at my workplace, meaning I'm now confined  to a desk for the time being, I've spent 10 days in Tenerife, and we've managed to get a fair amount of the basics ready for the arrival. In term's of the new job, I'm generally pretty uncomfortable throughout the day. There's a persistent dull ache in my ribs, which is probably just them stretching out to compensate, but sitting at an upright desk for 8 hours just mean's everything stiffens up a bit. I've been trying to make sure I go for a half hour walk or so every lunch time to get circulation moving and get some feeling back in my bum! Speaking of exercise, mines is all but non-existent right now. I plan on doing an entire post on this subject, but in short, it's not for lack of motivation. I love the gym, I really do, and there's nothing more I'd rather do than people to work out in the way I did before, but my work-out motivation comes solely from a superficial perspective, I do it to look good and to improve my physique, and I can't do that right now, which is ultimately frustrating. I also find it extremely embarrassing going to the gym at the minute, which is something I've not had in years. I previously found the weights room very daunting, and in the past two years I've really come to my own in there, no issue, but with a bump I can't help but feel the stares, and it's definitely a deterrent. My new plan is to return to Kayla Itsine's BBG program, which can be done at home, for the remainder of my pregnancy, so I'll keep everyone updated on that.

Baby J is still moving a healthy amount according to the midwife, although once again there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to his movement, or at least not one that I’ve noticed yet. While I was on holiday I had been a bit worried as I didn't feel like he was moving enough, watching other blogs and reading blogs about specific movement patterns and visible kicks left me a bit antsy, but quite literally seconds after I got on the flight to come home he started doing what felt like roll-pollies in my rib cage, and hasn't stopped since. My bump measured 26cm at my 29 week midwife appointment, which is slightly under what I am expected to be, but I am a small person, and in the past week or so I've definitely grown a lot, so at my next midwife appointment I'd imagine my size will have rectified. Speaking of midwife appointments, I'm still a bit worried, how many do we normally get? I'll have had 3 by Week 34, and 1 scan, and I just feel completely clueless, as though I've not had nearly enough input. Hopefully my visits will get more frequent as I near the final stretch, if not, i'm going in blind.... 

Baby furniture has now been purchased, and I'll do a full post on that in the coming fortnight, but I'm very excited to get the nursery decorated and all ready for Baby J, it will make it so much more real, although the stress of off-white versus cream paint is already too much, lord help Jordan come the dreaded trip to B&Q. I've managed to resist the urge to buy too much so far, but a few bits and bobs are starting to slip through the net.... 

That's pretty much everything up until this point, from here I'll try and update more frequently as things pick up a bit. Obviously it goes without saying I am still new to this mummy-blogging, and any tips anyone can offer on ways to make pregnancy easier, or recommendations for when Baby J arrives are welcomed with open arms. Until next time,