In 5 Years Time


If you had asked me 5 years ago what I thought my life would look like now, I certainly would not have been able to describe it accurately. I can take a guess as to what I might have said, and I can almost guarantee it would have even came close to what my life looks like now. At the time, I would have been in university, and could have rhymed off how I thought my life would pan out. I'd have probably predicted that by now I would have left university with a good degree, packed up a rented flat in the West End of Glasgow, (this would have been a classic old tenement flat with high ceilings and heating to rival an igloo) and I would be headed off to Australia for two years of finding myself and avoiding adult life. Low and behold, that didn't happen - a lack of interest in Physiology and a surprise pregnancy saw to that. I never made it to my tenement flat, I wouldn't say I graduated with a particularly good degree and Australia never materialized, but my life now has fallen back into place, and I'm back to planning for a new future again. I'm a big planner. I'm probably too much of a planner, I need numbers, known facts and distinct goals in order to move forward - going with the flow has never been my forte. I have a new 5 Year Plan in place, although if my last one is any indication to go by, chances are I'll tick off none of these boxes, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere...

Location  If we are talking idealistically, in 5 years time Harrison would be starting school in Australia, or maybe Canada. I've always said I wanted to emigrate - living in a permanently dreary country is depressing, and I can't help but envy the quality of life abroad. Realistically though, the grass will always be greener on the other side and whilst moving somewhere far far away can seem a brilliant plan in my head, leaving a close knit family and friend circle behind would probably prove difficult. I'm not ruling it out and it will always still be a goal, but convincing Jordan (and perhaps myself) to take the leap will probably mean this won't feature in our five year plan. More realistically, we'll still be in the outer Glasgow area, and should have bought a second home. I do love the inside of our house at the minute, it's spacious and really bright, but from the outside it is pretty dire and I'll probably always get hung up on that. The plan is to buy our second home and rent this one out. This means we'll have to start saving for yet another deposit and will have double the stress of buying one house, but I'd rather work hard now and be in a better place in years to come.

Career  I'll have ditched my current day job and I'll be doing something I actually enjoy. This one is non-negotiable. I don't necessarily need two houses, I can live without seeing the world and I can have little savings, but I won't be spending a day doing something I don't enjoy, just to pay for someone else to look after my child. Marketing is the plan, having a blog and seeing first hand the power of social media has opened up so many doors for me in terms of my future career plans. I'll be using the next few years to get as much experience as I can outwith the normal working hours - it's difficult as a grown up to make a drastic switch when you have very little previously experience or expertise in a field. My degree is in Physiology, my career history is as far fetched as it comes and I have no option to vie for a summer internship or to head back to university for a post grad. I'm a little bit stuck right now, but I won't be forever.

Travel  Within the next year or so, the plan is to tick off Gran-Canaria, Copenhagen and Nice. I am a firm believer that a baby should not have to put a halt to your travel plans. The likes of Katie and Jodie are walking examples of that. Myself and Jordan are not done seeing the world yet, and Harrison is only just starting. Travel is expensive, but so is eating take-away and drinking Costa daily. We worked out that I spend roughly £1300 a year on coffee, if we were to get a takeaway every Friday night that would be another £1040. Wising up and putting our money into saving for things that will have actually mattered or hold value in years to come means we'll get to travel. Jordan is a beach bum whereas I am much more of a city explorer so I'm almost positive we'll always be compromising in some way, but as long as we're getting out of Scotland I'll be content.

Finances  Stable I suppose. I expect to be saving and scrimping for most of my twenties. I suppose having a baby and buying a house at 21 can do that for you. We could ease up a little and live a lot more freely, but I'd rather be a tight arse now and get spendy later on. If we weren't saving our money now, we'd be mindlessly throwing it away on food, clothes we don't need and good old Willy Hill. I use the phrase 'I'm skint' more than anything else these days, but I suppose I'm skint out of personal choice. I'm 'skint' because I'm investing in my future, rather in right now. I can live on Kebabs and Saint Laurent bags when I'm forty. Also, I suppose this fits into my finance section as it's as much of an investment as anything else - maybe a bit more on the idealistic side again, but I'll finally be the owner of the designer bag I've been eyeing up for years.  I'll always grudge my 2nd year university student self for not pressing check out on the Saint Laurent Monogram bag when I had the means to do so. I could have afforded a £1000 bag easily while I was at university (sickening looking back now), living at home, a full award of student loan, a full time job and the perk of the no university fees in Scotland meant I was saving ridiculous amounts a month - the money I would have spent on that bag I would have squandered on alcohol and food regardless, so I'll forever regret not making the investment in something I would have had and loved for years to come.

Family   Engaged, not married with no plans to be in the next few years (no pressure Jordan). Another baby does not factor in to my plan whatsoever at the minute - I'd like to put see all of our money going towards savings and seeing whatever parts of the world we can with what ever is left. I suppose you'll never fully be prepared for a child, but I want to be in a place where I'm looking to take a career break and fully appreciate the time with my second baby, rather than having to return to work for the sake of making ends meet. When Harrison goes to school it would technically be the most financially sensible decision, you know, as soon as we get rid of nursery fees add them right back in. But then again, a little part of me wants a closer age gap than that, and I can't help but want a little tiny in my life again. Harrison was also the best surprise I could have asked for, so another will never hurt...

Who really knows where we'll be in 5 years time. Can we really ever predict it? I certainly wouldn't have predicted my life now 5 years ago, but I can wholeheartedly say I wouldn't change one of my decisions that brought me to this point (with the exception of Halloween 2015, I could have really done with not getting so drunk that night). I want to be happy, content with where I am at and where I am going but not stagnant. Now I'm perfectly aware that we're going to have to find a magic lamp (or win the lottery) in order to fund these two houses, multiple holidays' abroad, an engagement ring and a stupidly expensive handbag within the next five years - I never did say it was a realistic five year plan. Sure I have these specific goals, but the reality is nothing is set in stone and these may just change by the time September rolls round, the only thing that will stay constant is my goal is to work ridiculously hard in my twenties and build the life I want for myself and for my family.

This is not necessarily a tag post, but I'm definitely interested to read about others goals, if anything it gives me even more of a kick up the bum to reach my own. I'm passing the buck to some of my favorite bloggers and would love to read about what the next five years will hold for you. Georgina, Laura, Hannah, Katy, Fern, Chantele and Azaria, it's over to you!