A Good Old British BBQ


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I always wonder if it's a British thing to have invite the town round for a BBQ' as soon as the slightest hint of sun peeks through the clouds. We all know that as soon as temperatures hit double figures the paddling pool is inflated and the barby is fired up, but in the spirit of National Barbeque Week we decided to have one this weekend - come rain or shine. Primula Cheese recently found that 40% of Brits would still go ahead with a planned BBQ no matter what the weather, so we decided to embrace our inner british-ness and give it a go. Living in Scotland, the rain was more likely, but by some stroke of luck, we were blessed with beautiful weather for the most part (by the most part I mean of course it rained after an hour) and the boys took a much deserved break from the on-going garden makeover for some good classic BBQ food.

This post requires a disclaimer. I am no chef. When Primula asked if I wanted to set a date for a BBQ and share our experience, part of me jumped at the chance - because ya know, cheese is life and Primula has always been my go-to for spread (I still remember sneaking the tube of cheese with ham chunks out of the fridge when my mum had her back turned, and I still would if given half a chance). There was another part of me though, that wondered how on earth I was going to sell a post centred around my ability to cook. I pride myself on being remarkably passable in the kitchen and leave the real stuff to Jordan. I don't think I done too bad a job, but let's just all lower our expectations about my fantastic recipes.


[one_half] [/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last][one_half][/one_half][one_half_last padding="10px 25px 0 25px"] Easy Squeeze Pasta

450g of pasta, uncooked

2 chicken breasts chopped

1/2 a cup of milk

Primula Cheese And Ham Spread

A handful of chopped celery

100g Bacon Lardons Thinly Chopped

I'm always a big fan of pasta at a BBQ - sometimes you just want something that isn't chargrilled? Creamy chicken and bacon pasta is my go-to, it's quick, easy and a crowd pleaser (plus it's perfect for those of us who are less than culinary experts). You'll need to dash in side to make this, so I normally like to cook this earlier in the day and serve cold. There is no fancy method here. Cook the pasta as instructed on the packet.  Cook and stir the chicken and bacon in a large pan sprayed with fry-light on medium heat until the chicken is cooked through, stirring frequently. Then it's a case of adding the rest of the ingredients and leaving on a low heat until the Primula is completely melted and the sauce is smooth. I've never thought to use Primula as a pasta sauce, but it's a perfect substitute for heavier cream cheese. Drain the pasta, add to the mixture and voila, easy squeeze pasta.


[one_half padding="10px 25px 0 25px"]Grillewd Chicken Pita Pockets 

1 Whole Pita Pocket

1 thinly sliced grilled chicken breast

a handful of lettuce

1 tomato

1/2 sliced onion

Primula Light Cheese


I'm not sure how obvious it will be from my round-up post about cheese, but we have been trying really hard to be more conscious about the food we are eating. I always find this so much easier over the summer months, and BBQ food especially is perfect for staying on track but fulfilling cravings. Keen to stay on track over the weekend, I stuck to grilled chicken, although these stuffed pitas would be even better with flavoured chicken or beef. I sat the pita pockets on of the BBQ for 5 minutes to take away the chill, sliced them in half and stuffed them full with lettuce, tomato and onion.  A swirl of Primula Light - 50% less fat than the standard tube - for some flavour and your good to go. If your feeling adventurous, the new Primula Cheese with Jalapenos could really spice it up (spice it up, because it's spicy - get it?).


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It's safe to say the rest of our BBQ food wasn't nearly as photograph friendly, think charred burgers, sloppy sauce and some soggy hot dog rolls (the best kind of BBQ food). We had the full range of Primula at our disposal, so while our burgers may not have been aesthetically pleasing, they certainly tasted better than they looked. Cheeky tip for when you want to pretend to be fancier than you actually are - cut out a chunk from the middle of a beef burger and fill it with cheese and chives primula spread, pop the chunk back in and cook the burger as normal. Top with a cheese slice and something green, and suddenly, a classic burger is not so classic, and you look as though you actually know what your doing. National BBQ Week may be over, but with the heat wave the UK is currently experiencing, it's safe to say we should be taking advantage of this weather before it leaves us again.

This post was made possible by Primula Cheese, the sponsors National BBQ week. Not only are they responsible for some pretty damn good cheese, all of their profits go to charitable causes, which is all the more reason to pick up a tube or ten.  Should you decided to embrace the British weather and get your BBQ on, I'd love to see your recipes (it's pretty obvious that I could definitely use some). I'll be mulling over the #PrimulaMakesTheBBQ hashtag on Instagram for the foreseeable future, and I can assure you, give me a few more weekends of sun and I'll be the Mary Berry of BBQ'ing.

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