Baby Style: Mama Et Moi

Mama Et Moi is a mother, baby and child boutique with a range of brands that are original, unique and affordable. By the time Harrison was a week old, he had every single item in the Next Autumn/Winter collection, pretty much for up until he is 9 months old. I always knew he would, so when I was pregnant I started looking for less popular baby clothing companies - not less popular, that's not the right word, just less well known.

Mama Et Moi Absorba Sleepsuit newborn original boutique affordable baby boy

Mama Et Moi was one of the first we found, and one I've already grown to love; it's a small business with a few big brands, The Little Sailor, Absorba, Toffee Moon and Patachou to name a few. We ordered the Absorba Blue Anchor Babygrow for Harrison, and were super pleased with what arrived. It was packaged in a way that you never quite get with high street brands, and if I'm honest, the quality was better also. When I first opened it, I was a little bit worried about the fit, we'd ordered newborn, and it looked huge compared to some of the other newborn items we had packed for the hospital (mainly Emile et Rose, which I now know are notoriously small), but it's a good thing we brought it, as it fit Harrison perfecty from the get go.

In terms of sizing, I think it's so hard to pass comment on it for babies, and so hard to get right. A newborn is newborn regardless of wether they are 6lbs or 11lbs, so what fits mine might not necessarily fit yours. We were lucky and this babygrow fits Harrison pretty much perfectly now, 3 weeks later at 9lbs 10oz, but we've gotten loads of wear out of it in the last few weeks when it was a bit bigger for him also.

The cute anchor print is lovely and the navy trim makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually was, as does the detail on the underside of feet, and the Absorba emblem on the chest. It has popper fastenings up one side (AMEN - buttons are a no-go for my fumbly fingers) and on the underside of the legs, so it's easy to get on and off quickly, which is a life saver for my modest baby that hates being naked.

Mama Et Moi Absorba Sleepsuit newborn original boutique affordable baby boy
Mama Et Moi Absorba Sleepsuit newborn original boutique affordable baby boyMama Et Moi Absorba Sleepsuit newborn original boutique affordable baby boy

It's 79% cotton, 21% polyester - god knows what that actually means - it's velour, soft and thick. Good enough for Harrison and certainly good enough for me. The fact that it's thick means it's perfect for the good old Scottish weather, and I'll have to order more in the next few sizes to see us through to Spring next year. I've already mentioned that we've gotten a lot of wear out of it in the last few weeks, so it's been washed a good 4/5 times. I was worried about washing given the fact that it's a boutique brand, as shrinking the clothes of a baby growing at the most rapid rate would be less than ideal, but it washed well and the size stayed the same. It did lose a tiny bit of it's fluffiness, but it's a velour suit, it's to be expected that it will reduce slightly, it's still extremely soft and lovely on his skin.

I love the babygrow and will definitely be adding more items from Mama Et Moi to Harrison's wardrobe in the next few weeks, given that the little chunk has decided to grow at a ridiculous rate and doesn't fit in half of his clothes. Be sure to check out Mama Et Moi if you haven't yet, they have something to suit everyone, and I know I was super impressed with my order.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, however it does contain an item we were sent for review! All of my honest opinions are included though and I would not share something I do not use myself.