A Bag For The Boys Too

Babymel Robyn Changing Bag Review

Toddlers have a lot of stuff. A lot.

It's not quite as much as newborns, but it's still a hefty haul. If you were to look inside my changing bad a year ago, it would regularly suggest that I was preparing for an armageddon, much less a baby and toddler group. I no longer feel the need to carry four sleepsuits, three months worth of formula, 402 nappies and 12 Kiddlylicious Wafer Bars for a visit to the shops, and the contents of my changing bag are now very different. Although I still need just as many baby wipes, I like to think I'm more of a minimalist now when it comes to Harrisons' stuff. Just on cue though, we seem to have ended up with everyone else's stuff in there. Our changing bag is now multi-faceted. It's Jordan's' carry-on bag for a flight. It's our family day-out bag. It's my "oh crap I'm late for work and need to go now" bag. It's not just Harrisons' changing bag anymore, and we've finally found a bag that works for us all in the Babymel Robyn.

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Finding a unisex changing bag that is really unisex has been a task. For a lot of bags, unisex simply means bland, or black. Before I discovered the world of luxurious changing bags, I would have assumed the be all and end all of bags was a Silver Cross number that came with my pram. I quickly found the beautiful leather changing bags, but the days of those have been numbered as our changing bag becomes a bag that Jordan will carry as well.

Side note. I am not for one moment suggesting men can't carry a leather changing bag. I'm simply saying that mine would have a tantrum if I suggested he don a leather handbag and his football team would never let him forget it if he did. I may love a leather changing bag but he unfortunately does not.

The Babymel Robyn is the perfect compromise. It's a convertible bag in mid-wash blue with faux leather trim. It's big enough to fit everything we need and more - for reference, Tinky Winky, Lala and Dipsy all fit comfortably inside on top of our normal essentials - but it is not too big. I've always gone for the biggest bag available - packing lightly was never my strong point and my bag reflected that. As we've started to venture further with Harrison' and on longer days out, I've realised that the very last thing I'll need is everything bar the kitchen sink on my back. The front compartment and zipped inner pocket make it perfect for use on these days out' as it keeps everything separate and really accessible.

[one_half padding="0 0px 0 0"]Babymel Robyn Changing Bag Review[/one_half][one_half_last padding="0 0px 0 0"]Babymel Robyn Changing Bag Review[/one_half_last]Babymel Robyn Changing Bag ReviewBabymel Robyn Changing Bag Review

The bag comes with an easy wipes feature, which is life changing. You pop your wipes into an inner dispenser, and you can then grab them from the outside of the bag without having to dig out the packet. It sounds like an unnecessary addition, but there is absolutely nothing unnecessary about it and it will be the first feature I look for going forward. As with most changing bags, you've also got your padded changing mat and a bottle warmer - both of which slot nicely into inner pockets.

My only spat with the Robyn is something I've found with all convertible changing bags (and by all I mean this one, and the only other one I've ever had, a Pacapod Saunton, so two). With convertible bags, the straps work on a pulley system to allow it to pull through into a shoulder bag. With the Pacpaod, this wasn't quite as bad as the bag looked more like a shoulder bag than it did a backpack and I wore it moreso that way. With the Robyn, for me, it is a backpack. I'll never wear it as a shoulder bag and neither will Jordan, so a little clip to keep the straps in a fixed position would be ideal. It may also be impossible, so my criticism comes with a pinch of salt.

The Robyn retails at £60 and can be found on the Babymel website.

Babymel Robyn Changing Bag Review

If you are looking for a leather bag, Babymel has some lovely options. I was even moreso taken with the color block toddler bag, which is now firmly on my wishlist for our holiday....[shopr collection="robyn-black" shopstyle="1"]