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I first came across the Babyzen YOYO+ on a girls trip to Magaluf (no judgement, please!) – at some point between cocktails I passed a family walking with a lovely looking buggy. They stopped just short of the path to step on to the beach, and in a split second had collapsed the pram smaller than the baby and it was hanging over the dads shoulder. Just like that. I snapped a grainy picture from a distance for future reference and vowed that I would find it in time for our first family holiday. I asked online for some help to work out the name of this magical pram, and a handy pram group on Facebook pulled through for me. I was looking for the Babyzen YOYO+. We travelled to the Canary Islands last month, and that trip gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a Babyzen YOYO+ for myself. It’s all fine and well to have a looker of a travel buggy that can be worn as a handbag, but if it’s a pain in the backside to push is it any use to anyone?

Spolier alert: it’s not a pain and it is without a doubt my go-to buggy going forward.

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On first impressions, it’s a just a really nice pram. I chose the taupe colourway on a black chassis, and when I say I chose taupe, I mean that it happened to be the only colour left but I really wanted the buggy so I went for it anyway (please tell me I’m not the only one who does things like this too?) I couldn’t have been happier with the colour I ended up with and I would choose it again if given the choice. The taupe is muted and understated, but so unique and we had so many compliments on the pram while travelling. It wiped clean easily, the fabric was comfortable for my son, and the black frame surprisingly did not absorb heat at all. Looks wise, it's brilliant, but the real test was at the airport, and I have to say, it passed with flying colours.

We were flying for the very first time with a toddler  and when navigating an airport with a wild eighteen month old, the last thing I wanted was to be trying to navigate my way round an overcomplicated new buggy as well. Luckily, my experience was far from. We deciding not to check in the YOYO+, instead manoeuvring easily through security, the terminal and eventually the boarding gate. Harrison sat happily in it until we reached the doors of the plane, at which point it folded down smaller than my handbag, and fit comfortably within the overhead lockers. This was a big ole’ selling point for me. If you have a tot on a flight at an ungodly hour – who wants to wait for a buggy to come through security when you can have it ready and waiting? It made everything so smooth, so easy and let me focus on worrying about the 500 other problems that come with the first plane journey. In terms of size, it folds down to 52 x 44 x 18cm, which in layman's terms means small. For testing' sake, ours fit into a stretched Tesco carrier bag, which gives you an idea of just how compact it folds.




Key Features

I've gone through a few prams now, in fact, I was a pram tester for Mother And Baby magazine when Harrison was teeny, and there is one thing most have in common. When prams' say they can be pushed, or opened, or closed (or cleaned for that matter) with one hand, they probably can't. The Babyzen YOYO+ is the exception to the rule. It has a a single full handle, and it is ridiculously light, so it is super easy to maneuver. It also has a really large hood with a clear pocket, and the size of this was perfect for keeping the sun out of Harrison's eyes. The hood itself also has UPF 50+ protection, which is an added bonus if you travel to warmer climates often. For my own piece of mind, the zipped pocket at the back of the hood was also a great feature. It was big enough to fit both of our wallets, phones and keys in, and I felt a lot more confident walking the streets with our belongings zipped in front of me as I pushed, than in my pockets. From a less harrowing perspective, it's also a great place to stash snacks for easy access!

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One point for consideration is that I did only use the buggy for a few weeks, so wear and tear is not my area of expertise. For all I know, by month three the front two wheels could have been square (I won’t lie, I’d be pretty impressed if they were). I will say that by the end of the two week stint, the unfolding mechanism wasn’t quite as smooth as it was initially. There was a bit of a stick, but then again, it tackled sand dunes, countless ice lollies and boiling hot surfaces throughout, so it held up pretty well. The elephant in the room though will always be the price. In terms of travel buggies, it’s not a budget buy. We’ve gone through the full spectrum of buggies now, with the Joie Nitro, the Cossatto Supa and now this little gem, and I stand by the fact that you get what you pay for in the Babyzen YOYO+. Although it's perfect for travelling, I would also use it as an every day stroller, and it’s actually possible to turn it into a full travel system that can be used from birth, so by those standards it’s pretty damn affordable.

In short, the Babyzen YOYO+ is without a doubt my number one travel essentials. To summarise: it's comfy, it lies flat and it folds up smaller than a rucksack. Need I say anymore? The Babyzen YOYO+ retails for £369, and there are plenty of color options if taupe isn't your thing.

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