Why We Should Banish The Kids Club Forever

When taking our little ones abroad, it can be all too tempting to drop them off at the generic kids club for eight hours in the day while you and your partner relax by the pool, sip some sangria cocktails and relish the child-free atmosphere. Often a day at the kids club turns into a week and before you know it, your family holiday has a massive schism down the centre of it. You are embarking on one holiday and your little darlings on a wholly different one. You could arrive back home with the sudden realisation that your family time away together has been nothing of the sort.

While family life can be fraught at times, you still want to foster those moments of quality time as a unit, and there’s no better way of doing this than by taking a jaunt to distant shores. And while kids clubs can have their uses for maybe a couple of hours at a time if you need to complete an errand, they shouldn’t form the basis of any vacation. You should be cohesively together launching yourselves down whitewater rapids, building sandcastles on the beach or having a wander through some mythical underground caves in a foreign land.


What Do Your Kids Want? For all their bravado kids of any age love any chance they get to spend time with their parents on holiday and enjoy quality moments spent together. They love nothing more than showing you their underwater handstand in the complex pool and calling your name incessantly to look at them as they show off their archery skills having just taken lessons together as a family. It’s vital that you remember to eat together, talk to one another and banish the screens that can prevent real-life human communication on vacation.



If you’re keen to banish the kids club from your family vacation, why not take a trip to a destination that wouldn’t ever entertain setting one up? You could hotfoot it on safari to Africa, or you could make it your mission to embark on one of the many available trips to Montenegro. This European jewel caters for those families who love the great outdoors, relish spending their time together cruising down a fjord, snorkelling or kayaking.

Imagine spending your day together on the crystal clear waters of Snake Lake in Montenegro, followed by dinner cooked by locals. Giving your little cherubs the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture and forge friendships with new people is a much more authentic experience and teaches them greater life skills than if they spent their time learning corporate kids songs on a holiday park.

Being with your kids should be an amazing experience, and while it can be hard to break the mould and banish the kids club, it can be one of the best decisions you ever make. Your kids will definitely appreciate the gear change in your holidays, and you will be closer and happier as a family unit.