Exercise To Beat Stress: 4 Ways



While you will find that pretty much any fitness activity that raises the heart rate and gets your cardiovascular system working is good at combating stress,  running, walking or a combination of the two can be particularly successful.

In fact, just the act of going outside to run or walk and stepping away from the problem that is causing you stress can help, and the fresh air and natural sunlight don't hurt either.

Of course, another great thing about running and walking is that it triggers endorphins. These are the body's natural pain relievers, something that can not only help with any physical issues brought on by stress but calm the mind as well.


However, it is also worth bearing in mind that not all exercise has to be of the cardiovascular type to combat stress. In fact, there are many balance and resistance type workouts that can do wonders for unwinding the muscles and getting us breathing correctly again.

One such activity is pilates, which is a sequence of stretches and postures that are designed to strengthen the core of the body. Of course, as this is where we breathe from, and breath has everything to do with managing stress it can be hugely beneficial.

In fact, many people find pilates to be, so life-changing that they choose to take a course like the one at https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/blog/become-a-pilates-instructor and progress from practising it to a career teaching it instead. Something that allows them not only to maintain a regular personal practice but share the stress-busting wisdom of pilates with their students as well.


In a similar vein, many people turn to yoga as a way to effectively beat stress in their lives. Like pilates, this is an exercise that is primarily focused around balance, stretching and posture, but it also has an added aspect.

This aspect is that yoga isn't just a class that you can take at your local gym, but a spiritual practice as well. Of course, this is something that can help many people with their stress levels because surrendering to a power greater than themselves can not only provide them with comfort but perspective as well. Something that can alleviate the mental aspects of stress, while the movements help unwind the body.


Finally, many of us experience the feeling of stress because of outside factors. Sadly, we are not always in a position to resolve these directly, but it is often possible to find a physical activity like boxing that can help us to express the emotions we are feeling.

In fact, as Net Doctor states boxing is a wonderful, safe way to beat stress, whether you attend your local club or gym, or invest in a punching bag for your home.  Therefore, next time you are stressed, take some time out to exercise, your body and your mind will thank you for it.

Kirsty McManus