A Cheap Scandinavian Nursery: A Work In Progress


Cheap Scandinavian Nursery Posterlounge prints Designing a neutral scandinavian nursery that can grow with a baby on a budget is a task I welcomed with open arms. In my naive head, I couldn't help but think accessories for a small persons room would come with an equally small price tag. Unfortunately not. I had already decorated Harrisons' nursery once before and I had gotten it very wrong. I went for the first Mothercare range I saw - a slightly garish and not at all my style bear print - and quickly found myself regretting my decision. When we moved house, I told myself that I would take my time and make sure this nursery was one that I loved and that could grow with Harrison. We painted the walls grey, bought our furniture, and then everything came to a halt. It's been a blank canvas for the best part of 3 months, but I've finally started to fill out the shelfs, and make plans for the rest...

Harrison's nursery has a minimal aesthetic to it at the minute. By minimal aesthetic, I mean it's not finished and it's pretty damn empty, but calling it minimal makes that sound a little bit better. It is my plan over the rest of the month to get this finished off, and I have my wishlist in hand.

Cheap Scandinavian Nursery Ikea HacksCheap Scandinavian Nursery Ikea Hacks

This shelf is very much a work in progress, but it is one of the first areas to finally look finished in Harrison's room. Sandwiched by two IKEA plants, our shelf is filled with the nic-nacs that come with the arrival of a newborn. Baby shower gifts, his first presents when he was born and a teddy or two - nothing on the shelf was bought with the purpose of being on that shelf.  I picked up a little lantern and a H Letter light for less than £10: I had the intention of putting the light on the wall, but at the minute it sits nicely between a teddy bear and some DIY prints. I made these prints by turning to good old Google and making use of my own printer. I would love to have high quality prints for Harrisons' room, but I could not justify the price for some of them, and so our home made versions will do for the time being. These sit within £2 IKEA frames and were the best £2 I've spent.

Cheap Scandinavian Nursery Ikea HacksDirectly underneath this shelf we have a storage bench, I like to call this a work in progress, but at the minute it is more akin to a hot mess - hence why it has been cut out of the pictures. . Between the bench and the shelf, there was a really stark piece of bare wall and it did nothing to help with the over minimal look of the room. Cue the hanging clothes rail. I thought about different ways to fill this space, but this seemed like the most cost-effective way that could also be useful to me. Although the rail has been cleared for the sake of a good picture, this is normally filled with five washed and ironed outfits ready for the nursery run Monday through Friday, and makes life a hell of a lot easier in the morning. For anyone wondering, it is a cheap rail screwed onto the underside of the shelf, nothing groundbreaking here.

I do have some prints in Harrison's room that have not been DIY'd, and these were purchased from Posterlounge. I have an Elephant and a Koala Bear above his cot, but also picked up bigger sizes of other animals for the main feature wall in his room. Somehow, my neutral-no theme at all-nursery has turned into a shrine to animals, but the fact that these are only in frames on the wall means I can change this newfound 'theme' at any point, which was one of my main aims for this nursery. In terms of quality, these prints are good, although they are thinner than I expected - they weren't too expensive, but if you look closely at the elephant you do see an outline of the frame behind, and that's a little disappointing.

Again, these frames were yet another IKEA buy, and in case it wasn't already obvious, I'm an IKEA loyalist. I chose this cloud mobile as I really wanted to keep anything that was semi-permanent extremely neutral. This mobile hangs from the ceiling, so I was conscious that I didn't want anything with a specific colour scheme hanging up there that I would then have to consider when I redecorate (which lets face it, will be sooner rather than later).

Having lived in this house for a good few months and with Harrison's first birthday looming, I thought it was time I finally finished it off. I've been looking for the finishing touches that won't break the bank over the last few weeks - easier said than done - and I finally think I have everything I'll need to finish his room off. I've bought the majority, but there are still a few things I'm on the fence with and just can't bring myself to spend the extra money on (although I'm ruling nothing out yet).


Penguin Face Cushion | Hexagonal Shelf | Play Tent | Knitted Blanket | Pingo Cushion | Hedgehog Cushion

Harrison's nursery should be finished within the next few weeks, and I'll make sure to share a full room tour and transformation if and when it happens. This is very much a work in progress, and if there is one thing I've learned about designing a nursery in the last ten months, it's that there is absolutely no need to rush. I wish I'd taken my time the first time round and really made it the room I wanted for Harrison. It's taken a fair bit of time, but his new room is finally coming together, and I'm happy to say it has not broken the bank quite yet. Where are your favourite places for nursery interiors?