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cosy christmas night in family morrisons

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]few years ago, a classic festive night for us looked very different to the way it looks now. It would probably have involved the Christmas Markets, a mulled wine (or ten), followed by a night in the local pub that would end with my merry rendition of Fairytale of New York, a kebab and a pretty heavy head the next morning. Whilst I’d still welcome the mulled wine, my (slightly more) grown up self has a very different classic festive night. It still very much involves mulled wine, but rather than venturing out into the town, our best nights are now spent on the couch tucked up cosy as a little family. As I’ve gotten older, my perfect night seems to have regressed back to the one I had as a child. Give me a Disney DVD, a hot chocolate and the guilty pleasure of a sweet treat or ten before bed any day. It’s the one of the best parts of being a parent, we get to go back and enjoy all of the things we used to as kids – this is especially true at Christmas time.

It can be difficult to find time for these nights in December, the closer we get to the 25th the less opportunities we have to delve into that Disney DVD and get tucked up. I always have the best intentions, but before I know it the dinners, the Christmas parties, the pantomimes and the nativities take priority and cosy nights in can fall by the wayside. This year, Morrisons' sent us a lovely box filled with a selection of goodies to help with our festive nights in, and our box had everything we could possibly need.

cosy christmas night in family morrisonscosy christmas night in family morrisons

[one_half padding="0 30px 0 85px"]Our night started the way any good cosy night in should: with a takeaway, in matching pyjamas, in front of the makeshift fire. (If your like us and aren't blessed with a fire, a portable blow heater also does the trick!) It wasn't long before Harrison had delved into the sweets inside our box, and it was't long before myself and Jordan followed suit. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the festive season gives you this magical ability to justify all of the food. I'm the first to put my hands up and say I'm a 'new year new me' advocate, and I take full advantage of the amazing food in December. One thing I cannot get on board with though, is the mince pies. Every single year I want to love them, and every single year I convince myself this will be the year I learn to.[/one_half][one_half_last padding="0px 85px 30px 0"]This year is no different, it's December 5th, and already I've accepted that I still don't like them. In the festive spirit, I gave them a good go, but I faltered. Harrison picked up my slack though, he went through four mince pies before I thought to read the label.  Surely I cannot be the only mother in the world who was unaware that mince pies contain brandy? There was a minor panic, but Google assured me my one year old wouldn't be drunk within the hour, and we continued on our merry way. I wish I could say our night was filled with unique and interesting activities that would be the envy of the internet, but truth be told, we cuddled up on the couch, watched Finding Dory and fell asleep before 9pm. Oh, the joys of life with a toddler. Let me tell you though, I would not change it for the world.[/one_half_last]

cosy christmas night in family morrisonscosy christmas night in family morrisons cosy christmas night in family morrisons

When I was younger, there was no one go-to shop for all things Christmas. There was a handful of them, each of which I dreaded being dragged around in December. The food shop would come from Marks And Spencers'. Every year, my mum would put a massive order in for Christmas day - enough to feed a small village (did anyone else have Turkey sandwiches for a week after?). We’d get the ‘special’ Christmas cards from Clintons’, the fancy glittery ones with all the bells and whistles to send to the neighbours that made us look fancier than we actually were. Card Factory for the ones for my kids in my class, who didn’t quite warrant the glittery glory of Hallmark. Our decorations would come from B&Q, the one shop I didn’t mind getting mercilessly dragged around 12 days before. Pyjamas from Next, hot chocolate from Safeway, Jack Frost from The Video Store. The list is endless, and the day felt so too for my eight year old self.

cosy christmas night in family morrisons[one_half_last padding="0px 50px 30px 50px"]

Morrisons’ is our local. I know better than anyone else that it is now a one stop shop.  My bank statement is a testament to that. Being a five minute walk away from our house, it's where we go if we need milk, if we need a birthday card, or when we inevitably forget Red Nose Day.

At Christmas we'll get our Pigs and Blankets from there, we'll pick up those Christmas cards we forgot (those ones for the second cousins twice removed, or for my boyfriend, the one that always goes amiss) and if given half a chance I'll get a few more Christmas jumpers from there too. This time of year is busy enough as is, so if we can get everything we need from one place, then it means we have more time to do the things we really want to do. I still love the Christmas Markets and I'll be the first to shout 'He's Behind You!' at the pantomime, but at this time of year nothing can beat snuggling up on the couch and watching Harrisons' face light up at a sugar lolly and the tree lights.



Our Christmas festivities start this weekend, and we probably won't have much in the way of a break until the New Year. I'm making a point to take any opportunity this year to just slow down and enjoy the down days while we can - appreciating doing very little as much as we can before we are bombarded with festivities galore. Our hamper from Morissons' helped us in the right direction to really make the most of our cosy night, and if anything, just showed how far we've come from the eight-stop Christmas shopping trip that was necessary when we were all little. Harrison will never know just how good he's got it....

Disclaimer: We were sent our Christmas Hamper from the lovely folks over at Morrisons', however as always all opinions are my own (I honestly don't like mince pies and I really do buy everything from there!)

cosy christmas night in family morrisonscosy christmas night in family morrisons