Dreaming Of The Sun (But Playing In The Snow)


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year I'm not suffering with the Winter Blues, in fact, very much the opposite. I'm sickeningly content, and it's all down to the winter weather we've been blessed with. I love snow (and any excuse to bring out my hot water bottle) but it's not often we are graced with a proper snow fall here in Scotland. Proper snow, the snowman-making snow is normally to a few days mid January - three days of proper Winter weather, and then we return to the dreary despair of rain. The same can be said for the sun here in Scotland, we are limited to one scorching week (by Scottish standards, we're lucky if it hits 23 degrees) per year and seem to live the remainder under the gloom of the clouds. The snow may have come early this year, but I'm already dreaming of the sun. I need some Vitamin D in my life and my feet in the sand. With 2018 being the year we planned to travel, I'm dreaming more than ever and my head is in the clouds (the Mexican clouds that is)...

The Dream Holiday

Before I became a mum, Mexico was somewhere I always wanted to visit. It had always been on my list, but when I fell pregnant it came right back off. When it comes to traveling with toddlers - Mexico never did strike me as the safest, or most family friendly destination, but a little research goes a long way and I quickly discovered I was looking at the country the wrong way. If you know where to look, Mexico can be as family friendly as the likes of Portugal.

Los Cabos is supposed to be the 'lite' version of Mexico: you still have the sunny weather, the beautiful beaches and the stunning coastline BUT you also have impeccable hygeine standards, a less prominent language barriers and some of the most amazing accommodation. The Mexico houses to rent are some of the best I've seen, and I can't help but let my mind wander to the life of luxury tucked up in one of the homes on the sea front.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure we are quite ready for the life of luxury in Mexico. The 10 hour flight time from Glasgow with a toddler in tow is an experience I wouldn't even take on in my wildest of dreams. With that being said, Los Cabos is firmly back on my 'To Visit' list as a parent. With the flight time aside, Mexico is an amazing destination for little ones. The country is immersed in history, culture and custom - plus a climate we can only imagine. It will stay on our list until I'm comfortable with the knowledge I'll have to keep my child in a confined airplane for 10 hours, and until he will also be able to appreciate the country for what it is.

Back To Reality In the meantime, I will still be dreaming of the sun. We have three holidays' planned this year, which should give me my fill of Vitamin D for the year. 2018 may not be the year of Mexico, but it can still be the year of travel. We've looked at saving where we can to make sure we can afford to get away a good few times this year, and it's shown me how easily it can be done if we really put our minds to it.

1. Gran Canaria We fly to Gran Canaria in May, and the break cannot come soon enough. This was the first holiday we booked through a travel agent (and probably the last) and we somehow ended up with both a destination and a holiday that we hadn't originally planned. The weather in Gran Canaria is perfect in May and our hotel is beautiful, I'm looking forward to some much needed rest and recuperation...

2. Lisbon Lisbon became a firm favourite after watching Jodie’s vlog – I was eager to get away on a small city break to actually see somewhere this year. I do love a beach holiday, but I can’t help but come back from them and not feel like I’ve really taken much in. The hustle and bustle of the big cities is somewhat terrifying with a toddler, but a long weekend in an off peak Lisbon sounds just about right.

3. Cyprus I feel like we are just ticking off every ‘type’ of holiday this year – we already have the all inclusive beach holiday, we have a city break, and while it may not be a luxury villa in Mexico we have been looking at renting one in the slightly closer to home Cyprus. Cyprus was my childhood holiday destination, every year we’d travel to Paphos as a family and every year I’d come back begging my parents to go back. I’ve not visited Cyprus in a good few years now and it seems only right that I do so with my own child.

4. Closer To Home It’s so easy to forget about all of the wonderful places that the UK has to offer and focus on those further afield, but some of the best holidays’ I have had have been UK Staycations. I’m a creature of habit and tend to visit the same places again and again and this year will be no different. We visited Blackpool twice this year (it’s better than it sounds) and loved both so I am sure we’ll make an appearance there at one point this year. I also would like to visit the Lake District at least once, and it’s another case of ‘the bloggers made me do it’. I’ve seen Hannah post a few times about the Lake District and each time I think it looks like a breath of fresh air. I’m not sure how true that will be with a toddler, but it’ll be worth a try at least once.

The travel list could go on forever, but I’m not sure my bank balance (or my annual leave entitlement) could handle any more. Mexico is still the dream holiday, but I want to make sure when I finally get to visit that we do it right, so for now it’ll just have to continue as just a dream… In the meantime, I’ll have to go and make the most of the snow while it’s here – it won’t be long until I’m sunburnt, sweating and wishing away the warm weather too!

Where is your dream destination?