How To Have A Hassle Free Family Holiday

Going on holiday with the family is one of life’s great joys. You get to take a break away from mundane routine, you have time to bond and you and all of your family members get to relax and have fun. However planning things can be a little stressful, not to mention getting to and from your destination which is always going to be trickier with little ones. But a family trip is always worth doing, these are what memories are made of so don’t miss out. Just bear these things in mind to avoid hassle.

Keep Them Occupied During Travel Being on holiday is so much fun, however the actual travel part to and from your destination- not so much. It can be boring and stressful enough for us as adults, not to mention for children. Keeping kids occupied is one of the best ways to avoid meltdowns and other stressful situations. If your children are old enough, having a chat and explaining what will happen and the kind of behaviour you expect can be useful. An iPad loaded with games and kids tv, colouring books, snacks and more will all be helpful so be sure to pack your travel bag wisely. If you’re worried about how your child will respond on a long flight, for the first few family trips you book stay closer to home. A three hour flight for example will be far easier to deal with than an eight hour one.

Plan Family Friendly Activities When you’re away, you want to know that there’s plenty of activities you can do as a family. Check out things like family-friendly shows, theme parks and water parks, animal encounters and other activities that can be enjoyed at any age. One tip is to try not to pack your schedule too much, allow for lazier days by the pool or those where you don’t have anything to do to recoup and relax. That way your trip doesn’t feel all go go go, and you have time to rest and just enjoy your hotel and surroundings.

Hire a Car Hiring a car abroad can give you so much freedom, and it’s especially useful when you have kids. You can load up the boot each day with everything you need, and don't have to drag children onto busy public transport with their bags, prams and more. At the end of your day out when you’re all tired, you don’t have to wait around for buses with fussy children, you can just hop in the car and be back at your hotel room without messing about.

A little planning and research goes a long way when you’re travelling with children. It’s hard to be spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment when you have to sort out your children so have some idea of what you want to do, but dont over fill your schedule. You don’t want to leave feeling like you need a holiday to recover from the holiday!