It's Not Just Grass (And Other Things I've Learnt This Week)




A nice garden is something I've always taken for granted. I've never thought about the work that goes into the tidy grass, the flower beds or the well maintained fence, probably because I've never had to. When we bought our house, the previous garden was a slap-dash job. It was a rented property before we moved in, so it was all stones, slabs and not a lot of colour. I naively thought that the clean slate meant getting the garden perfect would be easier. Ha. One year later, and we are finally making getting rid of those stones and slabs a priority. We spent last weekend at Pollok Park, and the amazing gardens gave me the kick to just do something in our own. I spent a good few hours on Pinterest, I drew diagrams, I scowered B&Q and I felt like I had the potential to be a green-fingered guru. Later that day, we helped my parents' dig up their own garden, and suddenly it felt like ours might not be quite as easy as I expected...


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Grass Is Not Just Grass


Forgive me for being naïve, but when it came to designing our garden, I assumed the grass would be the simplest part. Soil, turf, good to go? Ok, no. After much discussion, we've decided to go down the artificial turf route. We live in a very wet country, with a very mucky toddler at the best of times and we have nowhere to store a lawn mower. Cutting our grass with scissors doesn't exactly appeal, and while artificial is definitely pricier, in the long run it will probably be worth it. We are yet to find the perfect turf for us, mainly because I am so indecisive. I want it to look like grass, and feel like grass (I just dont' want it to be grass) and yet now I'm finding myself debating pile, texture and the yellow undertones. My living room floor is currently littered with samples, but with the stones and slabs lifted, until I make a decision the garden will be looking worse for wear.


On the off chance anyone happens to have some artificial grass wisdom, please do feel free to send some in my direction...[/one_half_last]



Flowers Are Bloody Expensive

I definitely feel like I should have expected this. I'm cactus daft and a substantial amount of my pay is lost to the IKEA plant department, but the wishful thinking part of me thought that garden plants might be different. Wishful thinking was right. It turns out that you need a lot of plants for a Pinterest inspired garden, and it also turns out that it won't be quite as cheap as I'd have liked to imagine. The same can be said for my marble water fountain, but hey, a girl can dream...


Good Neighbours Are A Godsend

Our poor neighbours have really had a tough hand dealt to them. First we renovated for three months before moving in, then we had a wailing baby who wouldn't sleep for the six, and now that everything has settled down, we've decided it's time to bang about in the garden. We luckily have the sweetest neighbours around and we'll have to find someway to repay them for putting up with us.


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You Don't Need To Be Gardener To Get Carried Away




My lack of knowledge about turf should be evidence enough that I'm maybe not the most knowledgeable when it comes to all things green. I don't think I've ever managed to keep a plant alive longer than a month and I can count the number of times I've de-weeded our path in a year on one hand. Despite this, after an hour on Pinterest I found myself planting tomato trees in my head and carving out intricate patterns with slabs. My diagrams were enviable, when truth be told all I really need is a square of artificial turf and a bit of decking. No more Pinterest for me.[/one_half_last]

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