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This time 48 hours ago, we were sunning it up in Bahia Feliz. Flash forward to now, and suddenly I'm left with nothing but a mountain of washing taller than me, a baby who still wants to go to bed at 11pm, and a handful (*cough* 402) of photos to remember our amazing week by. It was without a doubt the best week I've had in a while, and any reservation I once had about traveling with a tot well and truly vanished. This was our first holiday abroad with Harrison, and everything, from the flight, to the food, to the heat, had me worrying. I love travel. I love my baby. But I would be lying if I said didn't question whether or not I would love travel with my baby. It's a different kind of holiday, that's for sure, but one I'm already itching at the bit to do all over again.


We chose Gran Canaria for our first ever family holiday, not so much because it was on our bucket list, but moreso because we had been in the travel agent for two and a half hours and would have picked England if it meant we could get out of there. It was a four and a half hour flight time, which I was dreading, but turned out to be completely fine. Harrison slept through almost the entire journey, and the carry on bag that I had spent weeks preparing was left abandoned at my feet the entire time. We were staying at the TUI Family Life in Bahia Feliz, a small province in Las Palmas, and it was the loveliest introducing to family travel we could have asked for. Everything was geared towards children, from the layout, to the entertainment, to the food, and had the perfect balance of cheesy holiday anthems and a relaxing break.


gran canaria tui family life bahia feliz

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The Hotel

I know for myself, when I look at booking holidays, I look to blogs' for reviews. I find Trip Advisor is great for the home truths, but sometimes I just want someone to tell me that I'm not going to turn up to a sh*t hole. The TUI Family Life was far from. It's clean, really child friendly, like really-really child friendly. If you don't have children it goes without saying that it won't be a hotel for you. The entertainers were amazing, and I'd go back for them alone, although it does centre around clowns, so if your anything like Jordan is (a big wuss when it comes to clowns) I'd maybe steer clear. Along with the entertainment, a major plus of the hotel is the kids clubs. Each age group have their own dedicated building, team and schedule, and it feels like everything has been considered. The only downside to the hotel is that I would imagine it getting very busy during peak season, in May it was great, busy, but not overcrowded. It was easy to get sunbeds, and two big pools and a kids pool were more than enough for the time we were there. July would probably  be a completely different story. We stayed in the main hotel and the rooms were perfect (no problems with air con here amen!), although there also apartments you can stay in, which Kerry stayed in when she reviewed the hotel here[/one_half]

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The week just wasn't long enough, but I think it's always that way if you holiday for seven days. Two weeks is too long, one week is never enough. We managed three separate day trips, to the waterpark, to Puerto Mogan and to the rest of Gran Canaria in one afternoon (that is no exaggeration!). We got a bus out to Maspalomas, and decided to try and walk back to the hotel from there. Four hours and a handful of blisters later, I never want to see another palm tree again. It was certainly eye opening though, we conquered sand dunes and a nudist beach within minutes of each other, and I'm almost certain my twelve year old brother now has some stories to tell when he goes back to school....


It wasn't all nude beaches and day trips though - most of our time was spent by the pool, not that Harrison stepped foot in it for the first half of the holiday. To say he wasn't a fan of the water would be the understatement of the century. By day three, the furthest he had gotten into the water was ankle deep, and I had reserved myself to a holiday spent splashing with a bucket next to the baby pool. If I'm honest, I was quite content there, but sods law states that as soon as I got comfortable, he discovered the joy of the water slides, and there went my easy ride. We were smart this year though, we roped in gran, grandpa and his favorite uncle on our holiday, so I managed to sit down more on holiday than ever before. It gave us six extra pairs of helping hands, which was probably what made it so smooth.


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The fact that Harrison slept probably helped as well. I'm still in shock about it. Sleep is something you take for granted when you don't have children, or you have children that sleep well. At home, we are used to sleep not being great, so to fly out and suddenly have a child that sleeps like a dream is a game changer. This was definitely not attributed to the cot in our room, which squeaked any time he moved, but I'm simply putting it down to the magic that is holidays'. So when can I go again??


The weather was also perfect for a baby. High twenties most days, provided you could wait out the morning wind. I'm not exaggerating when I say I would have gladly stuck on jeans and a cosy knit before 12pm, our hotel seems to be stuck in a cove where there is wind like no other. We travelled in May, so when it comes to weather we can't really be picky, and the fact that it wasn't searing hot meant no crabby toddler. The unlimited all inclusive ice cream helped too. A LOT.

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This holiday was the holiday for us. I didn't vlog, I didn't plan on writing up the holiday, so my phone remained firmly in the safe and with the exception of harassing my family for a mini photoshoot every day, I just wanted to enjoy our first family holiday without being online. Part of me regrets not filming it now, I'm a big sucker for home videos and the first holiday would have been good to watch back, but I'll settle for the 60 seconds worth of clips I took and take comfort in the fact that it's not long now until we jet off to Cyprus with James Villas. Prepare for all of the cheesy family footage.


Of course, not everything went quite to plan. I broke my painfully expensive camera lens on day two (pray for Jessops' warranty pulling through), Harrison hated the water, It went too quickly, and I ended up with god awful sun burn and no tan whatsoever, but then again I'm Scottish, so that's really just inevitable. It goes without saying though, if the only problem you have in life is lobster skin and a baby who won't swim, then it's been a pretty damn good first family holiday.

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