Newborn Clothing Haul

I've tried not to be excessive with clothes shopping for the little one - I really truly have, but my version of excessive and everyone else's is probably very different and I may have still managed to go slightly overboard by normal standards. I could be here for hours showing everything I've bought Baby J in the past few months, so I've tried to whittle it down to just a few of the shops that have been really good for newborn baby clothes, as I've actually found it difficult to find clothes that I really like for him. I've always been a bit of a prude when it came to newborn clothes, and I like what I like - I'd always said I'd only have my baby in white, blue and grey while he's a newborn, but that does limit you a lot in what you can actually buy. Although I knew his sex from the get-go, I'm drawn to team yellow and I love everything unisex, much to Jordan's dismay, who has wanted him in a tracksuit since Day 1. Not a chance...

It goes without saying that most of his clothes in the early days will be sleepsuits, he won't be in dungarees permanently... but I haven't included them in this post just to save it getting even moreso excessive than it probably already is.

1. Mothercare

I truly did not ever think I'd like Mothercare as much as I have done during this pregnancy - I always went on about Baby Zara and how much I loved the clothes from there, but when it came down to the Newborn stage, I couldn't get over the pastels and muted colours in Mothercare - plus it was really affordable for the quality of the items. The Peter Rabbit items especially just feel so soft and luxurious, which was surprising as they really weren't all that expensive at all. A lot of the items I'd bought were sleepsuits and vests, which I didn't realise until I grouped it altogether, so there isn't actually nearly as much as I thought there was here. I also purchased two bits from the Myleene Klass collection - only when I got home did I realise I think it's baby girl clothes... oh well, a dark hat and no-one will be able to tell the difference! (I hope).
Mothercare newborn haul baby haul sleep suit cute
1 £12.00 | 2 £18.00

Mothercare newborn haul baby haul sleep suit cute myleen klass range baby converse
3 £14.00 | 4 £12.00 
 5 £8.00 | 6 (No longer online) | 7 £12.00
(Neither online)

2. Emilie et Rose

If money was no problem, Baby J would be dressed head to toe in Emilie et Rose all of the time - sorry Jordan (he's made it perfectly clear he thinks its 'pansy'). In his first few weeks especially, the Emilie clothes are perfect, all baby blue and white, and the quality truly is second to none. Everything is extremely soft, and each suit comes with either a matching hat, or little rattle, which really does just make it feel like a little more of an extravagance.

None of these items we have are live on the website so I cannot link them - but much of the designs on there are similar, so by all means have a look. Price wise - I find them a bit ridiculous. Paying £46 for an outfit that will be pissed on, pood in and grown out of within a 2 weeks is borderline insane, but he's my first child - sue me.

3. Next

Next is up there with my favourite baby clothing brands - easily, although when buying for my own baby I didn't find much I actually wanted to buy. As I've said before, when he's a newborn, I'm definitley more drawn to the whites and baby blues, and Next, like Zara, tends to have more baby versions of adult clothes. I'll love these in a few months time, but right now, it's just not what I'm looking for. The day I went in though I was obviously feeling one colour scheme and one colour scheme only....
8 £11.00 | 9 £6.00
 10 £9.00

4. Mama Et Moi

Special special mention to Mama Et Moi - I'll be doing a proper post on the items Baby J has from their soon, but I honestly cannot get over the quality of this little sleep suit. It's velour, but feels so soft and expensive and given that we live in Scotland it'll keep him so snug over the Winter months. If you have not yet checked Mamma Et Moi out - then by all means do. They really do have the loveliest items, and I'm so happy I stumbled across them almost by accident.
11 £19.99

5. Zara

Zara is pretty much the same boat as next -lovely lovely clothes, but not for newborn. Not that that has stopped me from picking up a few bits here and there. The two pairs of dungarees were the very first items me and Jordan bought after finding out I was pregnant, and that was in the midst of Summer, so they most likely won't be available anymore, but I'll link what I can. Everything else again seems to have followed a colour scheme.. for some reason I get myself in one mindset when I go into a shop and one mindset only!

So my attempts at keeping this post short and to the point got a little lost by the wayside to say the least, but that rounds off my favourite bits and pieces we've picked up for Baby J. We really have tried not to spend too much for the early days, but as it is our first, it's so hard not to get carried away, and with the likes of Baby Zara and online boutiques like Mama Et Moi cropping up, sometimes it cannot be helped. I say we have enough, but will we ever really? - If you happen to have any suggestions over where we can pick up yet more clothes, please do let me know, just don't tell Jordan...