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myHummy Snooze Bear in Blue White Noise toy newborn

I've made no secret of how much I love white noise for my newborn, so when myHummy offered to send Harrison a myHummy Snoozy, I jumped at the chance. myHummy are a The hummy bear is a sleep guard, a soft cuddly friend that has the added bonus of the soothing white noise which activates in response to babies movement. Newborns are not used to silence: they've spent nine months in the womb, encased within the muffled sounds of mummy's life and next to her heartbeat, dead silence is no comfort, in fact, for my baby especially, silence doesn't work at all. Previously we've used an app on our phones - Sound Sleeper - which by all means done the job, but at what cost? Although there's nothing proven as yet, something doesn't sit right with me about placing a radiating phone inside my babies crib.

The MyHummy Snooze bear has a little 'heart' which emits the white noise concealed within a sealed zip pocket in the tummy, this heart is a universal controller for every function, and this is something I would have realised had I read the instructions. Ever eager, before even so much as glancing at the pamphlet included, I ripped it open and quickly found I didn't have a clue what to do with it. Essentially, volume control, the type of sound, and the continuous setting are all controlled by either clicking once, twice, or holding in. In terms of type of sounds, there's 5 different settings, meant to replicate the likes of a hairdryer, the womb, the ocean, rainfall (not that we've ever made it past the hairdryer, we're creatures of habit.

The whole reason I liked the myHummy bear in the first place - aside from the obvious white noise feature - was the look of it. The pastel colour is beautiful and it's perfect for a newborn, we loved the Whisbear white noise toy, but in terms of look that was much more fitting for when he was a little bit older. Aside from the Snoozy range, myHummy also have a Teddy range, which I think I might like even more if that's possible. They do the same job, but just look at how cute they are...
In terms of our experience with the myHummy - it works, but I always thought it would. We've saw such good results from using white noise previously, and after reading the research accompanying the myHummy product ranges I had no doubt in my mind that this would be any different here. Where we did see differences though, was in the noise level. Having used a phone before, the white noise wasn't muffled, however with the bear, the device is contained within the cushioned fabric, so it is obviously slightly muffled. I'll be the first to admit, after switching it on the first time, I immediately decided it would not work. I'd been used to something much louder, and couldn't understand how something so quiet could do anything. I'll put my hands up, our first night, I used my phone simultaneously with the bear as I did not have enough faith in the product: only when my phone ran out of charge was I proved wrong. If anything, it's probably better that my little brand new bub doesn't have an extremely loud phone blaring in his ear. Softer is better.
The other difference, was the sound sensor. Being a classic stingey Scot', I refused to pay the £2.99 for the full version of Sound Sleeper, and so was limited to 30 minutes of white noise at a time. With the Snoozy bear, whenever Harrison stirs, the bear activates and the white noise soothes him back to sleep, without me even having to move an inch, which is a life saver for times where he does not need comforting and the white noise is enough to settle him.

It goes without saying that white noise is not the be all and end all of sleep, we definitely still have our night time struggles, but I'd be extremely apprehensive to go to bed without our myHummy, as I know there is no way Harrison would settle the same. This myHummy Snoozy retails for £44.00, which is worth it for the price of sleep with a newborn. If white noise works for your little one, then there is absolutely no price too high.

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