The Budget Vs Beautiful Highchair : IKEA VS NOMI

nomi ikea highchair budget white minimal Deciding on a highchair can be a simple process, it is straight toss up between functionality, price, and it's ability to keep your baby happy - I've used two highchairs with Harrison, the extremely budget friendly IKEA Antilop, and the less budget friendly Nomi Evomove - two chairs at polar ends of the highchair scale. But which is better?

When Harrison was born, I was very much caught up in first baby syndrome. I wanted the best for him - whether the best was within my price range or not. Despite being very much on a budget, I had my eye on the NOMI Evomove since I found out I was pregnant and would accept no less. For comparison sake, the NOMI retails from £179, but this does not include the tray, or straps you would need for a baby. I had a very expensive high chair, yet I huffed and puffed about spending over £20 per week on our food shopping. I chose the NOMI Highchair for the aesthetics, it was a chair at the top of the market, but a chair that I immediately felt was worth the money. In my first impressions, I raved abut it, content with the investment and I probably would never have questioned my choice had I not came across the £10 Ikea wonder.

We picked up the £10 Ikea special for my mum when she began to watch Harrison when I returned to work. We considered the huffle and puffle of moving it back and forth between houses, but with the IKEA chair so financially accessible, it made sense to pick one up. Initially I was completely underwhelmed by it - it was simple and functional, but severely lacking in the bells and whistles and style that immediately excited me about the NOMI highchair. It's basic, but the price reflects that and I can't help but compare the two now that I have the opportunity to do so.

I can rave about style as much as I want - the NOMI highchair - with all of the extras - is twenty times the price of the IKEA one. In terms of functionality, they both do they job. A high chair is exactly that, a chair - slightly higher than a normal one - that allows us to feed our children. If that's all you require, then there is absolutely no reason you need to spend any more than £15. I was caught up in wanting both a stylish one that fit with the aesthetic I wanted for my new home, but I was also drawn in by the ability to switch between a baby chair and a high chair as my child grew with NOMI.

There is absolutely no denying the value for money in the price of this chair. At £15, it costs less than Harrison's food for the week, it's the cheapest of the cheap material, but funnily enough the plastic makes it ridiculously easy to clean up and to keep clean. In a year or so I can see it becoming discolored, but at that price I'll buy a new one and won't be complaining.

The IKEA highchair does come with inserts, albeit a little garish and slightly too out there for my taste, there is the ability to customize and make it slightly more comfortable. I'll put my hands up though, we haven’t bothered even taking ours out of the packet. Harrison is happy enough in the highchair without the extra padding; much in the way that he is happy enough in uncushioned restaurant chairs. He would never be in the chair for an extended amount of time, so I’ve never felt it a problem. There is also the added option of a foot rest should you choose to buy one, and the tray - which was the only extra we really felt was necessary.

There are negatives of the cheaper option, as would be expected, but I can’t help but take these with a pinch of salt. Any negatives of a £15 item will almost always be outweighed by the price factor. My negatives amount to the plastic’y look - it looks cheap, it’s basic and there is no real style. It’s the cheap of the cheapest high chair, and it is completely reflected in the price. There is no option to customize the base colour, and the fact that the legs span outwards means it can be difficult to maneuver. Some of the edges are also slightly sharper than I would like to have my baby sit in (not so sharp they are dangerous, just not completely rounded down).

The NOMI chair in comparison is a lot more stylish - it looks like a well-designed piece of furniture and is fit from birth, all the way through childhood. The ability of a ‘high-chair’ to transform from a newborn baby seat to that which can be used by a ten year old is unique to NOMI, and whilst the price is significantly higher, this is a product made for a life span. The positives far outweigh that of the IKEA budget counterpart, full ability to customize colour, material and extras. Again, the chair comes with padding (which I’m sure would look and feel great, but has remained again in the packaging as I’m almost certain Harrison is comfortable enough without), it’s extremely easy to clean and there are no nooks or crannies for food to get stuck in - which is an absolute godsend in a highchair if your asking me. In terms of size, it is much more streamlined and I’ve found it a lot easier to maneuver around a table, helped by the wheels.

Negatives of the more expensive NOMI are the price. I won’t beat around the bush, it is a significant chunk of money more than the budget version - it is not for those who are looking for an affordable chair. It is for those who will get the use out of it; for those who choose to invest in baby products and for those who appreciate a stylish piece. It’s a luxury baby item, but it’s one I would honestly choose again if given the opportunity. Unlike the IKEA chair, I would never throw this away (well, within reason), if I fall pregnant, it’ll be converted to a baby chair again and will once again grow with a second child. If I decided one baby was enough, they fetch enough on Ebay and the likes that I would get a fair portion of my money back. It all comes down to expendable income and what you choose to spend your money on. If you can justify the Nomi, then I’d 100% recommend it. The mental battle I would have had without it in my life may not have been worth the money I would have saved, but then again, I would have coped fine with my bargain IKEA grab.

I’ve looked at the various other brands, but between IKEA and Nomi, I think I may just have completely exhausted my high chair allowance for one child. If I was in the market for another, which would you recommend? Could you justify the price of a NOMI or are your an IKEA loyalist?

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