Back Pain During and After Pregnancy | Pain Relief With Deep Freeze

I started getting lower back pain as a teenager, at the time I was a competitive gymnast and it was very much something I learned to live with. When I 'retired' from sport, the back pain went with it, and I thought I'd seen the last of the discomfort. I stayed very active throughout my late teens and into my early twenties with little hinderance, and only when I fell pregnant, did my back pain return. Initially, friends and family told me this was my own doing as I had an extremely active pregnancy, and I quickly became as sedentary as possible. That done very little to ease my pain, and a little bit more research told me that I wasn't alone. Back pain during pregnancy is extremely common. Over 70% of women will experience back pain while growing a tiny human within them, and with all of the changes your body is going through it's understandable. The difference in hormones that are produced during pregnancy makes our joints less stable, our shift in centre of gravity with a growing bump and a pretty substantial weight gain (mainly all in front) means our back takes a lot of strain in that period. It can be a pretty uncomfortable time and with so much conflicting advice, it's difficult to find a solution that will actually work.

Whilst pregnant I was reluctant to use any medicinal products or anything dubious out-with my regular routine to treat my back pain. There is so much you cannot do or use while pregnant and I assumed treatments for back pain would be no doubt be in the same boat. I relied on warm baths and an excessive amount of hours spent sitting on the couch, which is great, but I wish I'd known there were other options out there. Recently, I've been trying out the Deepfreeze Pain Relief Patches - unfortunately although my pregnancy has gone, my back pain has not. I'm still waiting on my body to return to it's formal glory - and part of me understands it probably never will - and in the meantime I'm taking extra precautions to take care of myself and ease any discomfort I may have.  Having realised these patches are completely safe to use during pregnancy, I'm really wishing I'd discovered them just that little bit sooner.

Having used Deep Heat as a gymnast, I had complete faith in the brand and this may have given me a bit of a placebo effect. Deep Freeze patches do exactly what they say on the tin, it's a patch that offers quick acting pain relief in a target area. It works much in the same way as an ice pack, albeit more convenient, less restricting and means I am not limited to sitting still in order to 'ice' myself. Depending how flexible you are and exactly where your back pain is it can be a bit of an effort to get them on to your back: another set of hands is the easiest way to have the patch placed on correctly, but even without those extra hands a bit of contortion work later and your ready to go. It's pretty much instant pain relief and it's much more long lasting than the likes of the Freeze Sprays I've used previously - although they say they are targeted relief for up to three hours, I don't think I'd go as far as to say that. A solid hour or so is good enough for me though, and by that point I think anyone would be ready to remove a sticky patch from their body.

With your back being such an enormous area and vital to everything we do, it's not an area we should be taking any chances on.  I've accepted that pregnancy will come with back pain and I am now prepared for my next. Unfortunately I've accepted that my aches and pains may just stay in between, but I'm happy in the knowledge there are different things I can do to ease these. Having consulted my GP, my back pain is nothing more than the result of dodgy posture as a child, a few overworked (and over stretched) muscles and a pregnancy that I've not yet fully bounced back from. If you do have any concerns about your own pain, make an appointment, the worst that can come from it is a prolonged wait in a smelly waiting room and an afternoon off of work....



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