Putting The Cosatto Supa Stroller To The Test | The First Impressions

Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful
The Cosatto Supa Pushchair is the newest addition to our household: We've finally bitten the bullet, we've packed away our travel system in favor of a smaller, more dinky car friendly pushchair. It's a baby product that is unlike anything I've had before - but it's definitely become a firm favorite over this past weekend. Cosatto is a brand I've never used before, so to say I was apprehensive initially is an understatement - I've gone through three different Silver Cross systems since Harrison was born, and never thought I would stray from that brand, but even I couldn't resist the classic Cosatto colours. I was extremely specific in what I was looking for in a stroller, but on first impressions, the Supa Stroller seems to have hit a good few of the marks.

Harrison is only 8 months old, so there was no real necessity to put him in a stroller, other than the fact that my car can only be likened in size to a piece of lego, and I am so done with not being able to fit anything in it alongside a travel system. At the minute, fitting myself, Harrison and our pram in my car is not unlike an advanced level of Tetris, enough was enough, and I decided to try out something a little bit more compact before on our mini break this month.

The main features we were looking for were ease of use and the ability of the buggy to be compact - but given the fact that Harrison is not a toddler and is still very little, I needed something that was well made and could support him. I spent far too long reading reviews and watching videos, but I eventually settled on the Cosatto Supa. Pushchairs are expensive, there is no way of getting around that, so making sure the one I was choosing was the best one for me was important. In terms of price point, the Supa is middle range, the design allows it to be used from birth - if that was the case, then the £219 is extremely low and great value, but if like me your only comfortable using it when your little one is a little bit bigger, then the price is average for a stroller.

Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful Pram
Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful PramCosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful Pram

SIZE The Cosatto Supa was supposed to be lightweight and fold down compactly - both of which I would agree with. I was going from a Silvercross Wayfarer, which although lightweight in comparison to most travel systems on the market, was still around 5kg heavier than our new Cosatto. Although that is a positive point, weight was never what truly bothered me about our travel system, I just wanted a pram that wouldn't completely overtake my entire car. The Supa folds down extremely compactly, it's really thin when folded, which means storing our new push chair is really simple, although our car problem is not entirely solved. Although thin and compact, it is still fairly long when folded, which means fitting it into my dinky boot at bit of an angle, or sitting it on the floor of the back seat. Both of these options still leave me with plenty of room in the car, and given that it is probably one of the most compact push chairs on the market, I'm left wondering if it's time I also bit the bullet and upgraded the clown car...

DESIGN Cosatto are known for colour. They are a brand known for their patterns, the vibrance and the uniqueness of every product they come out with. I'm not a big colour person. I'm just not - personally, my wardrobe may as well be greyscale, and my house is no different. Our Silver Cross was Eton Grey and suited the baby days well, but I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out here. In the last few months, there has been a shift, and I've loved being able to actually dress Harrison in colour. Grey is easy, but it gets boring after a while and I decided to bite the bullet and get a very bright push chair in a color scheme that might suit my little boy more so than the school uniform shades I normally have him in (Hannah from Make Do And Push is partly responsible for this shift - her Instagram alone has made me fall in love with yellow). I went for the Dragon Kingdom print, which is one of the new releases, and it hasn't disappointed. It's such a lovely design, one that can suit Harrison now as a baby, but that will also grow up with him over the next few years. The whole mantra of Cosatto is that they are saving the world from boring baby stuff, and they definitely are.

Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful Pram Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful Pram

QUALITY On first impressions, the quality is second to none. I fully expected the push chair to be a downgrade in quality from my travel system - at a quarter of the price, wouldn't you too? When we set up the push chair, other than the colour, the first thing we commented on was just how sturdy it feels. Although it's lightweight, there is nothing flimsy about it. One big surprise that I absolutely loved was the head support and the ability to recline it flat - Harrison is still a baby, albeit a big one, so this makes me feel a lot more comfortable with him in a stroller. One main difference between our travel system and this is the ability to work in different types of weather. The Supa is advertised as being British Weather Proof, and it held true to that on our 'summer' holiday this weekend. The footmuff is double layered and extremely warm with a removable fuzzy liner, the rain cover is like no other rain cover I've seen (less of a cover and more of a poncho, there is no chance of anyone getting wet under that), and the hood is UPF50+ and extendable on the off chance the sun decides to make a remarkable appearance. More often than not though, the extendable hood is just brilliant for naps - with a nosy little parker, the hood comes right down below his face, so he can sleep without being disturbed by anything and everything that catches his eye.

THE NOT SO GOOD My only issue with the Supa is the accessibility of the basket; although it's a great size, when the chair is reclined, it's all but impossible to reach into. This will obviously become less of a problem as Harrison gets older and it's used more as a hop in hop out buggy than as a pram, or it could be solved by me simply not stuffing everything bar the kitchen sink in there...

Cosatto Supa Dragon Kingdom Review Lightweight Pushchair Cheap Colorful Pram

The Cosatto Supa Stroller was a god send on our first mini break - it allowed us to fit all of the (un)necessary junk into the car, it made navigating the cobbled streets and off road trails in Berwick relatively easily, and Harrison seemed to take to it like a duck to water. We've only been able to test it out for a grand total of four days, so while our first impressions are positive, there's nothing to say those won't change over the next month or so. Be sure to check back for that update, but in the meantime, you can pick up the Supa Pushchair directly from the Cosatto website.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Supa Pushchair in exchange for this review, however as always opinions are entirely my own!