7 Budget Home Updates for Spring

budget home updates for spring life with boys

[one_third]       [/one_third][one_third padding="0 25px 0 20px"][dropcap]I[/dropcap]s it too early to start talking about Spring homeware? Probably, but I'm going to do it anyway. We are barely out of January, there is still snow on the ground and yet already I am looking for any excuse to update my home for the Spring season. Right now, our rooms are looking a little depleted now after stripping the Christmas decorations and I'm desperately trying to inject a bit of [/one_third][one_third_last padding="0 45px 0 0px"]life back into them. Unfortunately my bank balance is still recovering from the festive period, so I've very much been limited in how much I can do right now. It will be an ongoing mini makeover, one on a pretty tight budget at that, but one I cannot wait to finish off. I've shared some some of the areas we're focusing on below for the moment that won't be breaking the bank anytime soon.[/one_third_last]

 1 Feature Wall

A feature wall can make a huge difference to a room, and doesn't always have to break the bank. We have a white brick feature wall in our kitchen and I will stand by the fact that it is one of my favorite features in our house. You can see the difference the feature wall has made to the room in our makeover post, and while brick tiles are not the cheapest, they are the best choice I've ever made and I would thoroughly recommend them. You can get the same effect on a budget from a cracking wallpaper or a quick slick of paint. When I first decorated, every wall in my house was to be bright white and clinical, but I quickly realized that a simple feature wall gives me the ability to add character to a room that isn't limited to the color of the cushions on a couch. Next up, is a black and white Dalmatian print feature wall for the office and red brick for the bedroom... Watch this space.

2  Plant Shelf

budget home updates for spring life with boys

You've probably heard of a book shelf, but have you heard of a plant shelf? If not, you need to. I've noticed these white leaning ladder shelfs crop up more and more across Pinterest, often filled with display books, vases, flowers and trinkets and they've always been on my 'eventual to-do list'  you know the one, that list we all have in our heads that never really gets done? Well, it won't be on it anymore. I've found an extremely budget friendly leaning shelf and the plan is to fill it with different bits of greenery. Dare I say it, 10 faux succulents scattered across shelving probably won't curb the urge to redecorate, but it should do the trick to at least see you through the season.


3  Rework A Photo Wall

If you are anything like me, the photos you have around the house will be from years ago (or better yet are still sat in the Boots' paper wallet you received them in in 2015). Updating your home does not always require a full makeover, sometimes taking it in the literal sense - an update - can make the biggest difference. Try printing off some photos from summertime: bright, light and happy ones that remind you of fond memories and marginally warmer temperatures. Pop them in some pastel frames like these ones and your good to go.


4  Redress The Window

This was never a point I would have thought to have made until recently. Our kitchen and dining room windows are remarkably bare. We've never got around to putting in blinds, or curtains and nothing felt quite right. I've been scouring Pinterest like a hawk for ideas to finish off the window but still keep the light and airy feel , and there was a distinct set of fancy looking window shutters that kept catching my eye. A Google (or ten) told me they were cafe' window shutters and I found a UK shutter company that sold the exact ones I was after. Spoiler alert, well and truly out of budget right now - but they have been added to the ever growing wish list. In the meantime, I've been looking for ways to distract from my now startling bare window, and I've come up with an ingenious idea. Large, obnoxious, colorful pots. I've popped a tall green one and a fat blue one that used to live on our dining room table on the window sill and voila, no one is looking at the fact we don't have curtains anymore....

Baby laughing in noms high chair at table with plants budget home updates for spring life with boys


5  Recushion The Couch

At the moment, my living room pretty much mimics the festive period. I have bright white walls and a grey couch, so any 'theme' comes solely from the cushions and the throws that we use to cover the baby stains. At the moment, those are a deep emerald green and I've loved them for the last few months, but they definitely don't scream Daffodils and Easter Bunnies. For Spring I think I am going to switch my pillows out to Yellow (no surprise there), which alone will change the room completely. For cheap and cheerful cushions, I've found Sainsburys' Home to be a hidden gem, as well as H&M as they do cushion covers on their own, which is perfect if you are looking to switch out.

6 Cheap Prints

My final focus will be yet again on wall decor - but less about our family this time and more about quotes I probably can't pronounce and pictures of places I'll never go to. Prints can completely transform any space, and even better if you can find budget friendly ones. My office makeover was very nearly finished off, or at least I thought it was until I came across some perfect image sets on Desenio. The Studio Stockholm collection will be perfect for keeping the space airy and bright, but really finish it off. (I do have a 20% off code valid from 20th-22nd February 'lifewithboys' if you are looking to pick up some budget prints!)

Dare I say a lick of fancy paint and a dedicated plant shelf won't miraculously transform my home, but it should add some finishing touches that can give my house a little bit of oomph again. I do think Spring is the easiest season to update your home in, a room can be topped off with an array of greenery and a few colorful cushions, and it doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg.

What would you update for Spring? Have I missed any big hitters?

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