The Realities Of The Easy Sunday Morning


Sunday morning. A time for rest, relaxation, and a bloody good breakfast. Right? Wrong. It seems that easy-going weekend mornings are not something programmed into a one year old. Before Harrison was born, Sunday was my day . I wasn't a Saturday night sorta girl, I lived for the morning after the night before. I was (and still am) a millennial granny; I'd curl up in bed with the latest copy of Red, contemplate the gym and then most likely abandon it favour of pancakes and a morning in my slippers catching up with the soaps. Those days are long gone. My Sundays' now look very different. A 6am wakeup call, the all too familiar drone of Baby Shark - do do do do doooo - and an equally unappealing toss up between swimming and soft play. Relaxation who? It's funny, although far from the old picture, I live for these mornings now. They are my constant. An exhausting and messy constant, with no latest edition of Red in sight, but they are just the way they should be.

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Way back when, I'd spend my weekends experimenting with healthy recipes. I use the term recipes extremely loosely, because as we all know after the BBQ scenario, cooking really isn't my forte. I'd look for breakfasts to curb my sweet tooth that would keep me on 'track',  protein pancakes, egg white omelettes and kale concoctions, cough, I mean smoothies. Fruit was the go to. Strawberries, bananas, berries. I was well and truly on the fit fam train, but my priorities are far from that station these days.  I'll just say I'm all about balance, but in reality,  I'm just looking for an excuse to enjoy the best of both worlds. This Sunday, we balanced our French Toast with a homemade cherry jam and cherry, strawberry and banana smoothie. FYI the smoothie was god awful and sums up my abilities in the kitchen quite nicely, but Harrison seemed pleased. If your wondering where the hell cherries and french toast came from, don't worry, I get it, I do. Perhaps I picked the cherries because they are a rich source of melatonin and packed full of Vitamin C, which is great for growing kids. Perhaps it was for old times sake. Cherries were my little secret when I was a child. I'd sneak into the fridge when my mum wasn't looking and nab the tub from right under her nose. These weren't any old cherries though, these were glazed cherries. You know the ones - crystallised, sugar covered, dripping in syrup cherries - my mouth is watering just thinking about them. Ever since, I've had a soft spot for the real thing. They may not be as sweet, but they always take me right back to sneaking into the fridge. OR perhaps Monday was our weekly shop day, and we went with whatever left overs we had in the fridge. I'll let you decide.

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I would give an arm for a warm coffee in bed sometime soon. Those are the things we take for granted pre children. The ability to drink a coffee warm, and to pee in peace. I used to draw out that first morning coffee for an hour or so - I'd bring it upstairs piping hot,  go back and forth to it whenever I lost interest in my magazine. There was no rush, no tactful sipping behind a pillow to avoid alerting a rampant toddler. I don't know about anyone else's children, but mine has this uncanny ability to sense when I have sat down with a long awaited coffee. I'm a coffee fiend. I live for the stuff, and baby or no baby, I am just not ready to give up my Sunday morning coffee. This weekend, we finally decided to cut our losses and try Harrison with his first babycinno. I'm not sure what it is about frothed milk in a sample sized cup, but it may be our new thing. Content with his own mini coffee, he sat happily as myself and Jordan drank our own, relaxed for all of 5 minutes as we people watched and mindlessly chatted. It was a quick reminder of what our easy Sunday's used to look like. No fuss, no hassle, no mess.

And then Harrison spotted a bird, and all hell broke loose.

Our Sundays' aren't easy going. They are not relaxing and are as far from rested as they come. They are messy, noisy and unpredictable, but they are just what we need right now.

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