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Essential Teatox Detox Tea Weightloss Fast Tea

The Essential Tea-Tox Detox Tea is designed to naturally boost you, leaving you feeling energised, rested, less bloated and so much more.  I'm late to the party (about 5 years late), but I'm here. The infamous teatox seems to linger like a bad smell, every so often they come back around, and almost every time they do I turn my nose up at them. I'm probably supposed to start this post off with all of the positive vibes that should accompany a 'tea-tox', the benefits it can offer, the svelte figure I'll inevitably achieve, the glowing skin... but no, I'm starting it with my first introduction to magic tea. It was around 6 or so years ago now, and a friend payed £50 for two weeks worth of detoxing tea bags in an effort to lose weight before a girls holiday. Now, at 15 years old £50 was big bucks, and she essentially payed this to sit on a toilet for 4 days before deciding it was a waste of money. Since then, it's safe to say I've been put off them for life. Since having a baby though, it's just not as easy as it was before to lose weight. On top of that, I felt sluggish,  always tired, and at the point where I'd do anything for a little boost. Even if it means trying out a tea tox.

The Essential Tea-Tox 14 Day Tea comes with 14 morning tea bags, and 7 night-cleanse tea bags, taken every other day. The daytime cleanse contains Ginger Piece, Raspberry Ketones, Oolong Tea, Stevia Leaf and Peppermint Leaf among other ingredients, so the taste is definitely a unique one. I can't really explain it, but the peppermint and raspberry overpower the others, providing something a little different to your normal herbal teas. The night cleanse has similar ingredients, but with the added taste of Liquorice and Senna leaf. I can't taste liquorice as such, it's simply much sweeter, and a lot stronger than the AM tea. It's an acquired taste, but if you like interesting blends, then it should be right up your alley. (If not, hold your nose and drink it anyway, it's for the greater good...)

Essential Teatox Detox Tea Weightloss Fast Tea Essential Teatox Detox Tea Weightloss Fast Tea


During my 14-Day Detox, I lost a grand total of 6lbs. This wasn't alljust water weight, but my weight-loss also wasn't just the tea. I'd love to say that I drank a special cuppa and dropped a dress size, but being realistic here, we all know that's not the case. During the two weeks, I ate fairly,  healthy, I say fairly, as I still had many bad days, but I was eating well enough that I'd have lost weight anyway, regardless of the tea. I'm still losing weight pretty rapidly from my pregnancy, so it is easier for me right now than it would be normally. In saying that, I would believe that this tea would aid weight-loss over time, based purely on the fact that it can reduce cravings and help combat over-eating in the first place, so alongside a balanced and healthy diet, by all means it can be used for weight-loss. Just remember, it's not a magic pill, and won't be an instant fix if you are not willing to put the work in alongside.

Energy Levels

Up and down - it's so hard to put down increased energy levels down to a tea when I'm lucking out with 4 hours of sleep a night. In short, yes, I do feel slightly better since taking this tea, I'm less like the 'walking dead' and more akin to 'on my last legs'. I'm up most nights and can't always get a few hours nap during the day, so it would be hard for a tea - regardless of how magic the tea may be- to pick me up again. As I've said, I definitely felt more energised though, the smallest of boosts, but a boost nonetheless, and I'd take it again just for the sake of having that. I need anything I can get here.


This is where I've saw the biggest improvement. Pregnancy gave me the worst skin ever: I was back to the hormonal teenage years and it was not pretty at all. In the past two weeks I've saw a massive improvement, with the only thing changing is the addition of this tea. It may have just been my hormones returning to normal at the same time, but either way I was a very very happy bunny No more dotty skin for me.


One thing I'd been concerned about with these 'teas' is the laxative properties of them - for one, sitting on the toilet for four hours a day doesn't exactly work while your alone with a baby. Having looked at the ingredients, only the Senna leaf contained in the Night Cleanse has laxative properties so I figured I was safe at least whilst home alone during the day. Really though, I needn't have worried - it wasn't strong at all and my bowels were pretty much unaffected. MAJOR POINT - be wary if your on the pill, there's a chance it could mess with the effectiveness of the contraception, which no one wants to risk for the sake of a few lbs and a bit of a bounce in their step. It's a very good thing I noticed the warning early doors, I have no desire for Irish Twins!

So to summarise, I had a positive experience with my first detox tea. It's no miracle worker, that's for sure, but if your willing to adjust your diet and exercise alongside it, then there is no reason you can't achieve good results. For someone who isn't sleep deprived, I'd imagine the boost in energy would be even greater, but for me it was just enough. As long as you go into it with an open mind and see it as a nice drink rather than as a magical weight loss tea, then you can't go wrong.

Essential Teatox Detox Tea Weightloss Fast Tea

Essential Teatox Detox Tea can be purchased here for £19.99 for the 14 day supply, and they offer a money back guarantee if you don't see results, so you can't really go wrong. I'm also giving one reader the chance to win their own supply of the tea, simply by entering below. What have you got to lose?
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