There is More To Interiors Than Ikea? | A Bo Concept Wishlist

When we were moving house, I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas. I had a strong image in my head of what I wanted and I found it extremely difficult to find the items because of this. Before long, I reverted to my old favorite, Ikea. It's extremely cheap, near impossible to build and everyone in the world seems to have the same items, but it was exactly what I was looking for. If you look at my house now, 80% of the furniture in every room is from the Swedish haven - it's saved us a lot of money, and the ridiculously cheap price-tag means most of it is very minimal, which is exactly what I was looking for in the first place. Only now, with everything assembled and in place, can I now see whats missing. Colour, quality, something special. Sometimes, you really do need to venture further than Ikea to really complete a room - and that's exactly what I've been doing.

To date, my favorite find yet has been Bo Concept. It's a Danish brand (which explains why I like it so much, my ideal interior has always been Scandinavian) specializing in modern and unique furniture and homeware, and I've spent the best part of the last few weeks making and remaking wishlists. Although not quite at the rock bottom Ikea price point, Bo Concept isn't over priced, and is completely affordable for the unique bits it offers.

My first choice is the Opart Throw - I've been looking for a darker grey one to add some more texture and dimension to my couch as at the minute it's looking a bit lack lustre. I'm also not forgetting my 8 month old baby who likes to put his mucky hands anywhere and everywhere, specifically on the extremely light couch. Followed in close second is the Sheepskin small rug which I originally saw on Eilidh's blog and haven't been able to shake since.

We already have the majority of our furniture, and this means really all that is left to buy is the finishing touches. Although I was extremely frugal when it came to how much I spent on the furniture, I don't mind splashing out a little for the items that will really complete the room. Our living room at the minute is very bland - light grey and cream, it's a blank canvas waiting for some character, and whilst I'm yet to decide on the color to add through the cushions, I've been lusting over this Petrus rug that should allow me to change my mind to my hearts content. It adds in color without being overbearing, and the shape of it is so unique. If money was no option, the Tait would be my first choice (despite still being all grey with no color) - but unfortunately I don't think I'm quite ready to break the bank for a rug.
They have various designer furniture stores across the UK, but the realisation that they have one a mere stones throw away from me on Rose Street in Edinburgh was a great one. Other than Ikea, Scotland is often overlooked when it comes to new brands and it's exciting to know that we have one easily accessible to us. When your paying a little bit extra for quality interiors, it's good to be able to really get a feel for them in person -  as often you can only really appreciate the quality of them that way. As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes we do need a little bit variety in our interior brands than just IKEA to really make a house a home, and Bo Concept is high on that list at the moment. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with Bo Concept, however as always the opinions are entirely my own.