The Ultimate Guide To A Unique Wedding

With the wealth of wedding magazines, online forums and friends’ opinions swirling around in your head, the chances are that you’re a little overwhelmed by organising your big day. Getting hitched should be the best moment of your life. However, now is not the time to follow trends and fads. If you’ve wanted to say ‘I do’ in the main theatre of the arthouse cinema where you had your first date with your soon to be husband, go for it. Just because beach weddings are now en vogue doesn’t mean you should start checking out Balearic ceremonies. It’s time to be a little selfish and add a touch of uniqueness to your big day. Read on to find out how.



When it comes to the wedding breakfast, the usual three course sit down affair is still the go-to dining experience. However, you don’t have to opt for the bog standard a la carte fayre. Instead, consider the cuisine that you and your partner adore. Have you been on a tour of Japan and fallen in love with the food? If so, hire sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki caterers for your big day. If you’re vegetarian, don’t think twice about serving up some vegetarian grub, even to the meat eaters on your guest list.

You don’t even have to opt for a sit down meal. Make it a little more informal by opting for a buffet, an outdoor fully catered barbecue, or a hog roast. By adding a bit of your personality into the gastronomic experience, you can make your wedding a little more unique.



There is a trend to opt for more unusual wedding entertainment for your reception. You could choose a close up magician, fire breathers, contortionists and circus performers to entertain your guests. However, when it comes to the shindig in the evening, you will want some music to entertain. You could opt for a cover band serenading you with your favourite soul, rock or jazz songs. Alternatively, you could choose that cheesy DJ playing all the wedding ballad classics from the 1980s. Whatever it is that you opt for, make sure it’s a reflection of you as a couple. Don't try and please your guests; they are simply happy to be able to celebrate your wedding day with you.



The cutting of the cake is super traditional. However, the cake itself needn’t be. While the three tier standard white iced cake with a bride and groom on top is still the most popular choice, more alternative kooky options are available. A beach hut wedding cake for an al fresco wedding might be suitable. Perhaps you adore a specific movie, band, colour or country as a couple. Make your cake reflect this. There are plenty of incredible cake artists out there ready to produce your dream wedding cake. Forget the heavy fruit filling, and go for a more decadent red velvet, chocolate or salted caramel sponge. The choice is yours.

Weddings are celebrations. Make yours unique by using this guide for inspiration.

Kirsty McManus