Wednesday Wish-list: Baby Fashion

Let me start off by saying that this is not a newborn fashion post by any stretch of the imagination: whilst all of the clothes listed here do come in newborn size, it’s safe to say I won’t be subjecting a newborn baby to a stiff collared shirt and a bomber jacket any time soon. 

 One of the funnest parts of being pregnant so far (let’s be clear, there hasn’t exactly been an abundance of them) has been planning out little outfits for the new baby. Anyone who says otherwise, is probably lying. I started off this post gathering white and baby blue sleep suit after white and baby blue sleepsuit, and quickly realised I’d much rather have a look at clothing for when he’s a little bit older, and when I can dress him like an ‘old farmer’ as the other half would call it. Here’s my picks for little Baby J’s first winter:


Milk Sleepsuit£26.95
This is just cute - no justification needed here. If you haven't already, definitely check out Buddy and Me. Some of the items on there are crackers, plus these sleep suits are 100% organic cotton and extremely eco friendly!


Flannel Sleepsuit£26
Everything about flannel jammies just scream christmas to me, however given that baby J will only be 2 months old when Santa comes I doubt very much he'll be kicking about in full flannels - so I may have to settle for this cotton sleep suit from The White Company instead.


Ralph Lauren Jumper£105 / £25
Let me start by saying by no means am I suggesting anyone pay over £100 for a jumper that will be worn a handful of times - I couldn't justify that at all. I did however happen to come across this in my local TKmax a few weeks ago for £20, and was told swiftly by Jordan to put it back and buy it closer to christmas time when he'd actually be wearing it. Low and behold, I went back to purchase it after seeing how much it was online and therefore how much of a bargain it actually was and it's no longer there in smaller sizes. I may cave and just buy it for 6mths+, but I'll never let Jordan forget it now.

Baby Timbies£9
Well done Next! I can't get over the price of these shoes, so affordable. I say that, baby shoes are generally ridiculously priced given that in the early days they never actually touch the floor, but these are brilliant. Plus they are adorable.

Knit Trousers, £8.99
I'll be the first to say right now that come 6 months down the line, Baby J will most likely be dressed head to toe in Baby Zara. It is literally just there mans section, downsized. I can easily add tens of items into my basket in one go - only to get disheartened as sizing doesn't start until 3-6mths for the Baby section, and the Mini section which has newborn and above just doesn't do it for me.


Trousers with Braces,  £16.99
Again, it's all about Baby Zara. These are absolutely adorable and I love the option to wear the braces up or down, these will also be perfect for occasion wear at christmas - although they look formal, they are a more jersey material, so bub will still be comfortable.

Oxford Button Up Bodysuit£12.95
I won't even lie, I had this ordered before I'd even made it so far as placing it onto the wish list picture. I'll have to wait and see what the material is like when it arrives, as I'm not sure how breathable or comfy it will actually be - but given that Gap were doing 40% off at the time I figured picking it up wouldn't go amiss.

Bear ears hat, £25.00
This is on my wish list yes, but not for this price. If anyone can point me in the direction of a grey hat with teddy bear ears that doesn't cost more than the rest of the outfit combined... that would be lovely.

Knock Off Cons£6.50
I actually think I like these better than the Baby Converse. They just look comfier - although lord can only imagine how sweaty little feet would get in fur lined pram shoes. Personally I think the fact that they are quilted also makes them look more expensive. Again, Next have hit the nail on the head with the price point of these - I'm impressed.


Aviator Jacket, £24.00
This is one of the cutest jackets, I've seen in a while, and given the Scottish temperature I have an excuse to buy anything fur lined - right?

And that concludes my Wishlist for this week! Thankfully as I've looked for what I want in the future rather than now, my bank balance is safe for yet another week. We'll see what next weeks Wishlist Wednesday brings though - who knows, it could go downhill fast! This post is part of Wishlist-Wednesdays, a post series created as part of a Mummy Bloggers group - the mums of this group are fast becoming my go-to girls for anything baby related, and I'd encourage you to check out their posts if you haven't already! I've listed everyone below, and I'm sure between all of our posts you'll manage to find clothes that you like.

What's your favourite baby clothing brands? Any recommendations for me?... Let me know below!

If anyone happens to be interested - we've also collated our wish lists for Sleep Essentials and for Changing Bags, if your on the look out for either of those.

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