Wednesday Wish-list: Changing Bags

If someone had told me this time a few months ago I'd be trawling the internet for fashionable changing bags - I'd have told them exactly where to go! I've been toying with the idea of the Yves Saint Laurent Monogramme bag for the best part of two years, and this year was the year I'd finally succumbed to allowing myself to buy one. Too bad I fell pregnant and my priorities changed... My priorities have changed, but my taste hasn't. I really don't like changing bags that look like changing bags - there's my brutal truth. So I set out to find one that I could be happy to have with me as much for a nice lunch or shopping with the girls and baby J but would be durable for the sheer grossness it'll probably be faced with...

Here's my finds:
leather changing bags fashion designer storsak jem and bee beau baby fashion maternity1.  Storksak Emma Bag £230.00 
I feel like this bag speaks for itself: pebble leather, go-to black shade, the look of a designer back, with all of the practicalities of a high end changing bag. It’s machine washable, and comes with a padded changing mat and hundreds of convenient storage. This is the big thing - it looks like a normal bag, which is what i want, but has all of the good points of a changing bag. I love a designer bag, but there’s no point in stuffing smelly nappies into a pristine Yves Saint Laurent. The Storsak bags have a designer look, but durability that is necessary with a baby.

2. Jem + Bea Amber Grey £230.00 
The first of a good few Jem + Bea items in this wish list. The Amber Grey was one of the first I saw, and what initially drew me to this was just how sleek it looks. I love the monochrome colour, and given that my pram is grey I thought it would fit in perfectly. It doesn't look like a changing bag, but has all the selling points of one. The leather is grained, so it will be more durable, and would be the perfect addition to any Winter wardrobe, which is perfect considering when I am due.

3. Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack Khaki £115.00
This bag looks like something you'd purchase straight off the high street - not your regular 'mumsy' changing bag. Generally, I started off with the intention of having just simply classic black leather shoulder bag, but the more I looked into changing bags the more I found less conventional, but lovely designed bags, that I liked just as much if not more. I'd never heard of Tiba + Marl before, but the bags are absolutely lovely, coming compact with a changing mat, and a leather clutch to fit nicely within. The design is obviously a lot more daddy friendly, and Jordan could take this out with him and not feel quite so ridiculous... If you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend you have a look at the Tiba + Marl changing bags, they seem like a diamond find right now!

4. Jem + Bea MAMA Clutch £45.00
Changing bag, no. Changing bag accessory, and much needed clutch, yes. I came across this while trawling all things Jem + Bea and fell in love. Again, it looks designer - it doesn't look like something designed specifically for a parent, and it fits my fashion sense so so well. I wear all black normally - no colour (maybe some white sometimes if I'm feeling outrageous), but black or grey are my go to's, so I often try and add some colour in with accessories, and this would do just that. If I do choose to invest in one of the black changing bags, I'll be picking this up also!

5. Jem + Bea Jemima £270
The changing bag of all changing bags. This is the one that I am humming and aaahing about the most. It just looks like a pristine bag - no matter how bad a day I'm having, surely I'll look like a put together mum if I have that on my shoulder?... That's my logic at least. I have a feeling it will take a lot more than simply 'it makes me look like I know what I'm doing' to convince Jordan on the price tag, but I have a feeling I'll manage to sway him. Did I also mention that you can personalise the leather on your bag with an engraving?... need I really say more.

In the meantime, can anyone recommend any cheaper options for changing bags? Whilst I most likely will cave and buy one of these slightly pricier ones, babies are expensive, and the 30 primark bag is still haunting me... Leave a comment and let me know, are they worth the money?

This post is part of Wishlist-Wednesdays, a post series created as part of a Mummy Bloggers group - the mums of this group are fast becoming my go-to girls for anything baby related, and I'd encourage you to check out their posts if you haven't already! I've listed everyone below, and I'm sure between all of our posts you'll manage to find a changing bag that suits your needs.

Until next time,