Wednesday Wish-List: Sleep Essentials

It goes without saying that a newborn comes with a list longer than my arm of 'kit' it requires - pram, nursery furniture, clothing, bathing, changing... The list is never-ending. Like a lot of other soon to be mums, I've spent a lot of time compiling wish-lists and scouring websites to tick off some of these items, and after talking about it with a few other soon-to-be-blogger-mums, decided to compile these into various wish list posts. Wish-list Wednesday's will go live every Wednesday - believe it or not, with a specific theme, and my picks for it. I'd say everything else is fairly self explanatory, and everyone's links will be left below for you all to check-out!

This week, our theme was Sleep Essentials. Newborns sleep a lot.. 16 to 17 hours according to the ever reliable google, just not all at once unfortunately, so new mums don't get anywhere close to that. It's a common anecdote that mum's don't get to sleep, and I for one am not looking forward to this at all, so I've looked into trying to find any products that could possibly help prolong the time that I also get to sleep for. Here's my picks for this week:

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1. SleepyHead Deluxe Baby Pod £110.00
I'll be the first to say I am a band-wagon junkie... Anything with any hype tends to go straight in my basket, forgive the pun. I've heard so many good things though about the SleepyHead that I just can't help but want to join the club! So many people swear by it - it's marketed as a 'multi-functional, portable baby bed you can take anywhere', but more-so than that, it can be used within a bed. So it fits comfortably into a cot/moses, and is more comforting for a baby. I'd love to know if these truly are worth the hype, as they are a steep price for the sake of addition on to a moses/crib/cot etc, but if they work then the £110.00 would be truly worth it!

2. White Wicker Classic Waffle Moses Basket £55.00 
I’m an old softie at heart - whilst I’m set on a co-sleeper for my, I absolutely adore the look of a typical moses basket. The white wicker of the IzziWotNot model is traditional and timeless and although I know I’m having a boy, truly would suit a boy/girl. Although I’m set on the co-sleeper for my ‘night-time’ pick, I will be looking for a crib or basket for downstairs, and this one is definitely top of my list. This is just beautiful to look at, more than anything else. It looks unique and intricate, but still traditional, and I can just imagine how cute it would be filled with the white bedding, a little blue teddy and Baby J. It goes without saying that because it’s a moses basket I’d have to also buy a stand, but they can be picked up relatively cheap, so it’s not too much of an issue.

3. Winter Warmer GroBag 34.99
My mum swore by Gro-Bags with my brother - not necessarily the Gro-Bag brand, but 'baby sleeping bags' as I always called them, so I always had the intention of using them with my child. After researching a bit, I'm definitely eager to try the official Gro-Bag brand, as the quality just seems so much higher than others. In this post I've popped in the Winter Warmer Grobag, as we live in Scotland, and I'll have a winter-baby, so temperature regulation will be key. A grobag is safer, as the baby can't get tangled in blankets, it can't kick them off and get cold and can help with comfort and security. Also, just look at the penguins!!

4. SnuzPod £199.95 
If you frequent Twitter, you’ll probably have come across a SnuzPod before, it seems to have taken over social media quite a bit, and quite rightly so. It is essentially marketed as a safe-alternative to co-sleeping, which is one of the main reasons it appeals to me. The ability to be closer to my baby, have feeding more convenient, and the fact that the SnuzPod stand is rockable really does tick a lot of boxes. If I had one negative, it would be the price - in comparison to a typical Moses Basket. As for a safe co-sleeper, it’s great value, but as an alternative to a Moses Basket, it is slightly steeper (I do still think it is worth it though…).

5. Personalised Teddy Bear £15.00
If you've not checked out the 1st Years website as a pregnant woman, then your doing it wrong. I'm sorry, but you are. If not to buy anything then at least to coo over the adorable babies! I stumbled across this over twitter, and fell in love originally with the Personalised Dressing Gown, only to find this and fall in love all over again. Baby J needs one of these for the cot, it's a necessity... Also, I can't help but think this would make such a lovely baby shower gift, even if the first name isn't known, I'd have loved one with 'Baby Brown' written on it, such a lovely momento.

6. Vienna Swinging Crib £84.99
This crib has an aesthetic that falls somewhere between the Moses Basket and the Co-Sleeper options. It’s not your typical modernised co-sleeper, but it is modern enough that it has a completely different look to a Moses Basket. I do like a crib, for me though I’d much rather the classic Moses Basket look, or the benefits of a co-sleeper crib, and this one doesn’t offer either. What does appeal though is the fact that it swings, that may well be a lifesaver for a baby that won’t settle.

And that's my picks! It goes without saying that every baby is different, and some of these may work, some of them may not, it'll be a case of trial and error. If none of these intrigue you, by all means, check out the links below - there's plenty other options from the other girls that may be more akin to what your looking for! I hope at least one of our posts will help you!


Until next time,