What's In My Hospital Bag?

I've now watched countless videos and read blog post after post detailing the content's of everyone's hospital bags - as I get closer to my due date I want to feel as prepared as possible, and a big part of that is having everything I need ready for when I go into labour.  I've left packing my bags extremely late - I'll be 38 weeks as of Friday, but it was such an easy task to put off, labour didn't feel real, in fact it still doesn't, so the drive to pack my hospital bag just wasn't there. I very nearly gave the midwife a heart attack when I told her this last week though, and she suggested it was maybe time I got ready to have this child which will inevitably make an appearance this month.

Disclaimer; I don't have a clue what I'll actually need during labour. This is my first child and I'm going from what I've read online and the recommendations of others, if I've missed anything major, please tell me, I'm new to this whole birthing a person thing.

Baby J's Bag
This was the bag I was actually excited to pack for the hospital - the idea of picking the first outfit was one that had played on my mind for a while, although the decision is not fully made yet anyway. These bit's and bobs will be in his changing bag - but I have a full separate post based on his changing bag, so I'm leaving the big reveal for that.

Going Home Outfit; I have TWO options here; I love the Peter Rabbit dungarees and those were supposed to be his going home outfit along, but if he's going to be as small a baby as they are suggesting, it might throw a spanner in the works, so I've thrown in another Emilie et Rose option, which might fit a little better. 3 pairs of scratch mittens, two hats and a beautiful snowsuit later, and we might be all set to go.

- Vests and Sleepsuits; I have 3 vests and 3 sleepsuits at the moment, I've been toying with the idea of throwing in a few more, but I'm trying to be resourceful and realise that my hospital isn't in the middle of nowhere, should I have to stay in an extra day or two I can easily send someone to go and pick up some more from home. I have 2 of each in newborn, and 1 in tiny baby, as everything seems to be pointing to a very small baby right now, and I don't want everything swamping him. These ones are from Next, and yes although he is definitely a boy, I just like white...

- Blankets/Swaddles/Comforter; I may have overpacked in this department, but I just didn't know how many I would need, or what I would want to use. I have with me a groswaddle from the Gro Company, as I've heard great things about them. I also have a little Jasper Conran blanket, that I'm guessing will probably be with him for years and years, and failing that we have a crocheted blanket that was received as a gift at the baby shower. It'll all come down to trial and error, but I want options there, and we do live in Scotland, so the extra blankets are never going to be an issue. Teddy bear thrown in for good measure...

- Nappies/Wipes; I've packed one pack of Pampers Size 1, although I may throw another pack in the car just in case, as there is only 21 in the packet. Actually, ignore that. I will not - if we need more nappies there is a hospital shop, I'm just overpacking for the sake of it. We also have Water Wipes with us - I'm hoping that Baby J will take well to these as they are midwife recommended and on paper are brilliant for the skin: as to wether or not it works out that way I don't know. I also have a little mini Sudocrem, and cotton wool, as I've heard mixed stories as to wether or not I'll need them at hospital, but I thought I may as well chuck them in!

- Feeding; In terms of bottles, we've brought the Avent Classic+ in 0m, just 3 125ml bottles, as I won't have a clue what Baby J will make of the teets until he is here, I don't know if the hospital provide bottles, but I'd rather have some just in case. I also plan on taking a few of the ready made Aptamil bottles, as I think they'll be the most convenient at first and I don't plan on breastfeeding. 3 little muslin squares, just Tesco's own brand, and 2 dummies (just in case). I don't want to use dummies, but I'd like them there on the off chance they might be useful.

My Bag
My stuff is thrown into an old Zara classic tote - just roomy enough to fit everything in without being excessive - I didn't want to buy a new bag for the sake of one hospital trip, it just didn't bother me that much!

- Clothes; For giving birth, I've opted for a half long vest top/half nightie sort of item - I didn't like the typical nighties, but didn't want to be in a night shirt or something too warm, so an oversized vest done the trick for me! It was a Cotton On buy from years ago, but I'm hoping it'll see me through. I've got an old dressing gown as well I've thrown in to throw over the top if need be, but I doubt I'll use it. I also have two Primark soft sports bras, in one size bigger than what I'm wearing now (bottle feeding so no maternity bras required). I also have two pairs of slipper socks and a pack of big black granny panties - as you'd imagine, they are absolutely beautiful, but then again, they will be thrown out immediately most likely so I can't say I'm all that fussed.  I've also chucked in comfy jammy bottoms and another vest, just for wearing after.

For going home I have a good old trusty pair of leggings, an oversized shirt and a T-shirt, but I can see myself vouching for Jordan's hoodie and refusing to let go until he lets me wear it home - it will most definitely be a comfort focused outfit, no fashion awards here.

- Toiletries; As for essentials, I've taken the bear minimum, I think. Toothpaste, toothbrush, make-up wipes, moisturiser, vaseline, deodorant, and some mini shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Throw in a hair brush, a few bobbles and some kirbies and I think I'm set. If I'm missing anything extremely important I'm sure someone will fetch it for me.

Treat Yo Self; Anything to make labour easier: right? I have my Perfect Tens machine, in the hope it may offer some relief in the early stages and I also have my head phones to block out everyone else. I plan on throwing in a personal fan as well, and the Cool It Mama spray, but I'm yet to pick these up yet. These following  items could probably still go in the toiletry item section, but there slightly more luxurious - less necessity, more I'd like to feel less like a wee spud after labour and slightly human again. A small amount of make-up, my perfume, my Secret Saviours stretch cream gel (more for the smell than anything else) and the Secret Saviours bump band, as I plan on wearing that after birth also.

- Those boxes; The sad reality; ultra slim breast pads and maternity pads are required. I simply picked up Boots own brand, and I have no idea if this will be enough to start me off, but I'll just play it by ear when we get there!

- Snacks; these will probably be a last minute purchase, but I'm hoping to have a good few treats to see me through what may be a long time in the hospital, chances are Jordan will no doubt end up eating most of them in the drive in though, I won't lie....

And there we have it, my bags are packed. It's absolutely crazy to think I'm at a stage where I'd even have to think about hospital bags, but I suppose it was the inevitable. Can you think of anything major I've missed? If so, as I say, let me know, I'm clueless here!


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