What's In My Pre-Baby Bag?

I love reading 'What's In My Bag?' post's for no other reason than I am a nosy so and so! If I'm honest I can't really think of any specific thing that is all that interesting about them, yet I'd gladly read a thousand - sometimes the most mundane posts are the most entertaining. I never had any desire to do one though, given that my bag is an absolute tip 90% of the time and contains absolutely nothing of interest to absolutely anyone, I hate to say. I did realise today though that the next few weeks will probably be the last few weeks that I can have a bag packed like this - as opposed to filled to the brim with dummies and muslin cloths alike.

My current bag is just a cheap and cheerful number from New Look - I thought it looked so much more expensive than it was, and it fits so much in it, without looking too big and bulky. My MacBook Air (13inch) fits in it like a glove, and there's still plenty room for the rest of my riffraff, of which you will see there is a lot of! I only got this bag recently, and it looked like a nice high street version of the Chloe Faye bags every celebrity seems to have these days. As much as I love the Chloe ones, I'm fairly sure the £1300 pounds may be better spent on my unborn child, so I'll settle for my £22.99 New Look bargain! They also have other colours if the Emerald isn't your cup of tea, it's definitely worth a look.

Has anyone every read a 'What's in My Bag?' post and wondered in gods earth they manage to keep a bag that neat and tidy... no matter how hard I try, mine clutters up within days. I'd like to think that this is mine fairly tidy, and yet, it is still overflowing. It may not quite be blogger flat-lay material, but at least it's an honest rendition of what's in here....

Blogging Essentials I say blogging essentials, but really these are not used for blogging nearly as much as they should be. I have a PaperChase notebook - one page doodled on, no more no less. My MacBook Air; holygrail possession, I would be lost without. Pregnancy magazine - not yet read, I had placed in here roughly 4/5 weeks ago in order to fill myself in on everything I should be doing or expecting at this stage... yet to make it past the contents page. And finally a 2016 Diary, which actually, I use a hell of a lot, which is unexpected given my normal scatter-brain nature. I figured it was about time I became a bit more of a grown up and got myself a planner, too bad it took me until 7 months into the year to start using it consistently! I'm planning on starting a Bullet Journal once I start maternity leave in a few weeks time, but until then, my handy Paperchase number does the trick.

Essentials These are just your average-joe run of the mill essentials; my purse, spare change (that whole 37p, I'm rich...), a stray bank card etc. I wish I was more organised with my purse, but I'm one of these people that tend to just chuck spare change/a used bank card back into the bottom of my bag as opposed to filing it back into my purse, hence the reason I lose things more often than most! I went out and bought a higher end purse (Marc Jacobs) in the hope that I'd become more responsible with it, but if I'm honest I'm just as bad as I always have been. At least the thought was there... I also have my glasses, given that I'm blind as a bat, my Identification Card for work, 2 gift cards and 10 euros, just on the off chance I decide to hop on a plane at some point!


That Other Stuff If I'm honest, I don't even have an explanation for most of this stuff - this just tends to be the stuff that kicks about at the bottom of your bag without rhyme nor reason. Today, we have a phone charger - self explanatory. Four hair bobbles, also, self explanatory. I have two cameras; one old Lumix model, and a slightly newer, just as bad Panasonic camera, neither of which I like nor use. I'm desperate for a proper camera for blogging, but I'm still trying to decide on the right one before I splash out. Until then I could probably do with removing these duds from the bottom of my bag! I also have a make-up bag, an old gold bracelet I forgot I even had, a single white trainer sock, and 6 baby pictures - none of which are of me... If that's not a random job lot I don't know what is!

If you've managed to make it to the end of this - then by all means leave a comment and tell me, I can't imagine many would manage to sit through the contents of my daily bag, it is far from riveting to say the least!

I truly wish I was one of these people who were super organised with their bags - and I feel like I'll have to be when my baby comes along, or at least if I was things would be a helluva lot easier. Right now though, I have another 5 weeks to have single socks and unused cameras cluttering up my bag, and I'll be taking full advantage of it. Let me know any tips you have for keeping your own bag in order, maybe something will make a difference to me!

Thanks for reading,

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