What Harrison Wore | Start Rite Shoes And The Yellow Hat


Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI MiniStartrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI Mini Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI Mini If you have followed me on Instagram, you may have noticed a recurring theme or two. One of which is Autumn, but the second, which is much more obvious, is a little yellow beanie. I hate to say it, but I don't think either will be disappearing anytime soon. I've been on the lookout for a good hat for Harrison for the last few months, he has loads in darker colours and a few in baby blue, but neither really go with the majority of his clothes for A/W and I couldn't help but pick up this Mustard beanie when I saw it in River Island Mini. It's a lovely chunky knit and has plenty of growing space left in it, they sell in one size so I'm confident even with Harrisons' larger than average head we'll get a decent amount of wear out of it. They also happen to have a matching hat in the Women's section and I'm not ashamed to say it's gone straight in my basket. With Harrison, it was the 'accessories' that I always loved picking. His hats and shoes especially. As he's gotten bigger, both have gotten slightly more difficult and I've found myself becoming a lot more picky with what we buy.

Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI Mini

Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI MiniTechnically Harrisons' first pair of shoes were from Clarks. I thought that was what I was 'supposed' to do - we'd had so much trouble getting any other pair of shoes to fit on his feet (the curse of the wide sole) that I did not want to take any chances when he was actually walking. I had high hopes for Clarks' but I also had a very specific design in mind. T-Bar. That was all. I wasn't looking for bells and whistles, I was looking for t-bar shoes in grey, navy and white and I honestly did not think it would be that difficult. It was. Clarks' gave me a little pair of navy first walkers with a bear on the buckle, and while they are adorable, they weren't what I was looking for. I searched high and low for another pair that actually resembled what I was looking for - well, I googled 'first walker shoes' - and came across Start-Rite. Startrite had a much wider range of options, in both modern styles, but also the classic design I was looking for. They are very very similar to Clarks' quality in that every design is focused on the development of the feet and the perfect fit, and they are extremely supportive of little ones in the early days. We had a bit of a hiccup with sizes, and had to return our first pair, but we found our perfect fit in a 3.5G which seems to be the equivalent of the Clarks 3G. So far they have a ten out of ten from both myself and Harrison, but we'll see how they fair in the puddles...

Harrison is also wearing a cable knit jumper from Gap, which he has worn to death in the last month and will probably continue to do so. We were sent the jumper as part of an Instagram campaign for them, but it's been one of my favorite pieces of clothing for him to date. This weekend the weather was great and he was able to get away with no jacket, so the jumper gave that extra bit of warmth he needed. He's got an old pair of khaki trousers from Next (oh the irony of calling an 11 month old's clothes 'old') that we picked up for a few pounds in the sale and these were well and truly done after kicking about in the mud on this day.

His little bag is the classic design from My 1st Years: I would normally absolutely grudge paying for a personalised bag. I'm a bit of a bargain hunter (or just have a very tight pocket...) and normally the My 1st Years products can be on the pricier side. The quality is always amazing, but I can't justify paying a hand and a leg for a bag for nursery. We managed to catch the Vintage Vehicle Backpack during one of the sales earlier in the year for just over £10, these bags seem to go on sale every sale, and with Black Friday coming up it's one to look out for. It's small, so it's less of a bag for actually using as a changing bag/day out bag and more for a little one to put their own toys etc in. For comparisons sake, Harrison is 11 months old and wears it like a normal bag. FYI, our poor little child did not have to carry his own belongings around all day, he just wore it for the gram...

Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI MiniStartrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI Mini Startrite Shoes Baby My 1st Years Backpack RI Mini