On My List: APRIL Home Essentials | Feature Walls, Plants and Piece Of Mind

The early stages of decorating an entire house is no more than an excuse to write excessive homeware wish-lists, or at least, it is for me. We have now reached the stage where the construction work is complete, and I can actually make use of the lists I’ve created over the last month. In April, my home essentials were less essential, and more sporadic. My mind has been all over the place, and I can’t seem to focus in on one area, which is reflected in my choices below.. This month, I can’t seem to walk past a plant without sneaking it into the basket, and I’ve been spending obscene amounts of money on oversized books I’ll probably never read…



If your moving into your own home for the first time, it goes without saying you want to make it your own. I am a neutral decor person. I want the ability to change a whole room with the seasons, and a neutral base allows me to do that. In saying that though, owning my own home gives me the ability to add character to a room that isn’t limited to the color of the cushions on a couch. I’m looking for a white brick feature wall to brighten up our kitchen, and some dark hardwood to really give the finish I’m after – both will really make the room, but allow me to change it with the seasons and keep up with trends in the many years I’ll have this home.

I don’t read vogue, I don’t follow the works of fashion photographers and the life and times of Coco Chanel doesn’t rate too highly on my ‘to read’ list. Coffee books exist (in my home) to give the allusion that I am more cultured than I actually am. I represent an ideal impression of myself through my over-priced, over sized books, and I will continue to do so until such time I become a real adult and ooze sophistication regardless of the fancy books acting as a plinth for my plants.


With those of us moving into our first real ‘grown up’ home, chances are we have not been responsible for our own security before. Whether that be living with parents, in university halls or living with flat mates, there comes a time when we all have to take responsibility for our own safety. Along with the dated alarm system already in the home, we’ll be investing in a Smart Home System for a little bit of added piece of mind. It allows you to monitor the opening of doors or windows and ensure appliances are switched off. We have also picked up a video monitor with a movement sensor with the built in ability to talk to your baby for the new nursery – in a new place, new home and feeling slightly more vulnerable, I’d rather pay for piece of mind.


Our party days may be over, but my couch is no safer than it was. I’m significantly more careful with my own furniture than I ever was with my parents, or than I would be with that in rented accommodation, I admit it. With a young baby though, my couch won’t stay the same color for long unless I actively seek to protect it, so it goes without saying I’m stocking up on blankets, throws, quilts. Everything and anything to keep our light and bright house light and bright. Sick stains, who knew?


If I can keep a plant alive, I’ve made it in life, right? And even if I can’t, then I can at least fake it with the 100 faux succulents scattered across every available surface in our home. There is something so refreshing about filling a home with plants and greenery, even if Jordan’ can only liken our space to a greenhouse.

Dare I say a plant pot and a shaggy throw won’t miraculously transform my home; but it should add the finishing touches when we finally make it to that end stage, and taking security measures now means that I’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that my home and everyone in it is safe. Decorating a home can be the most exciting (most frustrating) experience, but with every week slowly but surely everything is coming together, and I am looking forward to the end result (and the ability to finally just put my feet up and relax).

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